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Palazzo Chigi, bridging loan of 320 million ready for former Ilva – News

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Palazzo Chigi, bridging loan of 320 million ready for former Ilva – News

“On January 15th, despite the ongoing negotiations, Acciaierie d’Italia presented an application to the Milan Chamber of Commerce for the negotiated settlement” and “Invitalia, yesterday sent a letter to Acciaierie d’Italia holding and Acciaierie d’Italia to request verification of the conditions for starting the procedures for the extraordinary administration of the former Ilva”. He reports it Palazzo Chigi after the meeting with the unions on the former Ilvaexplaining that “if the extraordinary administration procedure is initiated, Current liquidity will be guaranteed with a bridge loan at market conditions for 320 million euros”.

For further information ANSA Agency Council of State’s stop to TAR order on gas to former Ilva – News – Ansa.it The Council of State has suspended the order of the TAR of Lombardy on the interruption of gas supply to Acciaierie d’Italia by of Snam. Acciaierie d’Italia makes this known. (HANDLE)

“The representatives of the executive have informed that the extraordinary administration phase will be temporary and that the Government is looking for the best private partners with the aim of safeguarding production continuity, protecting employment and guaranteeing worker safety” reports Palazzo Chigi after the meeting between the government and the trade unions on the former Ilva in Taranto.

“Proactive and constructive”, reports a note from Palazzo Chigi, is the climate in which the table between the government and the trade unions on the former Ilva of Taranto took place today in the Monumental Hall of the Presidency of the Council. “During the meeting, the Government illustrated to the unions the contents of the legislative decree approved by the Council of Ministers on January 16, and informed the workers’ representatives about the latest developments in the confrontation with the majority shareholder, ArcelorMittal” , explains a note from Palazzo Chigi, which adds that “the parties have agreed on the extremely difficult moment of the former Ilva and have agreed to continue the discussion, committing each to do their part to protect production and employment and the protection of the environment and workplace safety”. “Already in the next few days – continues the press release – a table will be opened at Mimit and the Ministry of Labor on the matter which will bring together all the interested parties: local institutions; trade unions; employers’ associations. The Ministers of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso and Labor and Social Policies, Marina Calderone will meet in the next few hours the representatives of the supplier companies and related industries, as requested by them, expressing their availability for similar meetings with the workers’ representatives”.

Invitalia has started the process for the commissioner

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Invitalia yesterday sent a letter to the CEO of Acciaierie d’Italia to request that the company be admitted to the extraordinary administration procedure. This was reported by union sources, reporting what was explained to them at the table with the government on the former Ilva. The CEO – it was explained – must respond within 14 days. If it does not do so, Invitalia can ask Mimit to activate extraordinary administration.

The unions were told that on 16 January Mittal presented a request for a negotiated settlement to the Milan court while negotiations were underway to reach a consensual agreement. This would have been deemed an act to take up additional time and create a disruptive situation. To guarantee production continuity, the government – again according to union sources – has reiterated its belief that it wants authoritative private partners for the relaunch of the company, even if it seems clear that it will be necessary to first define the situation with Mittal. In any case, the decree passed on Tuesday by the Council of Ministers, which strengthens the procedures and the redundancy fund, will be published in today’s Official Journal. Then there will be 14 days both to understand more about the request for negotiated settlement presented in Milan and to understand how to overcome it with the activation of extraordinary administration.

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