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Pope encourages Slovak youth to dream fearlessly-Vatican News

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Pope Francis met with Slovak youth at Košicelo Komotiva Stadium, listened to the testimony, and answered three questions about love, urging them to love each other and embrace the cross.

(Vatican News Network)Pope Francis’ last event in Kosice, Slovakia on September 14 was to meet young people at the Lokomotiva Stadium. This is where the canonization ceremony was held for Anna Kolesarova in 2018. This true blessing was killed by a Soviet soldier in order to maintain his innocence and chastity. The young people who witnessed in front of the Pope that day, inspired by the deeds of Blessed Kolesarova, shared their life experiences and asked relevant questions. The Pope’s speech revolved around these questions and answered them one by one.

A couple named Peter and Zuzka asked questions about love. In response, the pope replied, “Like all the great things in life, love is admirable, but not easy. It is our big dream, but it is difficult to interpret.” In order to interpret it correctly, love must be viewed with “new eyes”, neither on the surface nor frivolously. “Because love is not only a throbbing or feeling, but also loyalty, dedication and responsibility.” Life in the world “can’t live it, but you have to live hard.” For this reason, the Pope urges young people to be brave and courageous, “fearlessly dream”, and not to let life become a flash in the pan.

Then, the pope gave another exhortation to the young people present. “In order for love to bear fruit, please don’t forget your foundation.” “The big danger today is to lose our foundation in the process of growing up, because we always feel rushed and eager to do everything.” On the contrary, we must open our hearts to others at all times. “Today there are many destructive forces, so many people are always condemning everyone and everything, spreading negative energy, and being good at complaining.” The Pope urged everyone present to refrain from paying attention to such people, “because pessimism and complaining about others are not the actions of Christians.”

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Another witness, Petra, asked how young people can overcome obstacles on the path of God’s mercy. The pope replied that it is a matter of how we see things and distinguish what is really important. The Pope said, “If I ask you all what you are thinking about when you go to confess, I believe your answer will be your own sin.” However, sin is not the true core of the sacrament of peace, our heavenly Father who forgives everything is the core. “We go to confession, not to receive punishment or humiliation, but to run toward the father’s loving embrace like a child.” The pope said: “I want to give you a piece of advice: after each confession, please sit still for a while and remember the forgiveness you have received.” If we take God as the protagonist of the sacrament, everything becomes It was very beautiful, and confession became “the sacrament of joy.”

In addition, Peter and Lenka (Peter and Lenka), another witnessing couple asked: how to encourage young people not to be afraid to embrace the cross. The Pope pointed out, “Hugs help overcome fear. Every time someone embraces us, our confidence in ourselves and in life will be multiplied. Therefore, let us accept the embrace of Jesus. Embracing the cross with Jesus will bring Jesus Joy”. The pope finally said: “I wish you all this joy.”

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