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Pope Luciani beatified: no more fake news about his death! – Vatican News

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Pope Luciani beatified: no more fake news about his death! – Vatican News

The Holy See Press Room held a press conference to introduce the inauguration of Pope Francis for John Paul I on September 4. The candidates and witnesses of the ordination spoke about the holiness of the new beatification from different aspects, and a dying girl named Candela was healed by the intercession of Pope Luciani.

(Vatican News Network) The canonization ceremony of John Paul I and Pope Luciani will be held in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, September 4, and will be officiated by Pope Francis. The Press Office of the Holy See held a press conference on September 2. Card Beniamino Stella, the applicant for the case, Ms. Stefania Falasca, the deputy applicant, and several witnesses spoke at the meeting.

Among the witnesses present, the testimony of two women who were very familiar with Pope Luciani was extremely moving. One was Sister Margherita Marin of the Congregation of Infant Marys, who had served in the Pope’s residence, and she and another nun were the first to see the lifeless body of the Pope. .

The testimony of Pope Luciani’s niece, Lina Petri, was full of family affection. She talked about the postcard sent by her uncle from Rome, the advice he gave, and her relationship with his uncle about St. Augustine’s peace The discussion in St Thomas, and the phone conversation between the uncle and her mother.

Among the many testimonies, Benedict XVI stands out. Card Stella noted that this testimony is “historically unique, because for the first time a pope has published his testimony of another pope’s own experience”.

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The listing process was promoted by the Church in Brazil and has reached Argentina. The pace of the process was rather slow, over 19 years. As a result, Pope Luciani was beaten only 44 years after his death, and in 1978, the memory of “three popes in a year” is still impressive.

The listing applicant emphasizes that it is the slow pace that enables fine work. The conduct of Pope Luciani’s case “is an uncompromising work of research: meticulous, conscientious, careful, based on archival sources, targeted bibliographic research, and substantial and comprehensive testimonies, with historical and critical method.”

“Long-lasting” fake news about poisoned deaths has been debunked thanks to scientific research. In Ms Faraska’s view, this historical lie “has been eating away the solidity and weight of this man and this Pope’s authority over the years”.

Regarding the death of Pope Luciani, the press conference talked about the collection of medical records, testimonies of the listing procedure, laboratory tests and diagnostic reports, as well as the Pope’s medical doctors Mario Fontana and Renato Buzzonetti’s cause of death and clinical condition, past medical history, medical records and measures taken at the time to preserve the remains.

Based on their observations of the remains, the two professionals clearly concluded that Pope Luciani’s death was “sudden”. Therefore, a myocardial infarction caused his death.

Pope Luciani, “although in good health“, showed signs the night before his death, with chest discomfort, which he mistook for pain between his ribs. So he went back to his room and rested without paying too much attention, said goodbye to the nuns as he did every night, and said his last words to Sister Margarita: “We will see you tomorrow, and if the Lord will, let’s take part together. mass.”

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Sister Margarita recounted these strong memories in a faint voice, as well as the small but meaningful anecdotes that make up the image of Pope Luciani. For example, that afternoon, the Pope, walking back and forth with paper in his hand, saw the nun ironing clothes, and he said, “Sister, I made you work so hard…. But you don’t have to iron your shirts so well, because the weather It’s hot, and I’m sweating so often that I change my shirt. Just iron the collar and cuffs, the rest is invisible.”

Pope Luciani died with a piece of paper in his hand, his notes on the virtue of prudence, to be used in the catechism of the following Wednesday public reception. On the pontiff’s notebook, which is kept in the archives of the Luciani Foundation, there is a quote from Luciani: “It must not be used temporarily.”

The last speaker at the press conference was Fr Juan José Dabusti, an Argentine priest. He recounts the miraculous recovery of a critically ill girl thanks to the intercession of Pope Luciani. The priest said the girl, Candela Giarda, had severe epilepsy and doctors said she would not survive the night.

Facing the despair of the mother of the child, the priest proposed to ask Pope Luciani to intercede together. Father Dabsti testified: “Until then, I had never pleaded with John Paul I for the recovery of a person. Why did I propose to the mother of this child to be there to ask Luciani to intercede for the recovery of the child? What? I don’t know. That was the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.”

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Pope Luciani’s press conference

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