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Potorealistična grafika Electric Dreams Unreal Engine 5 2 | MobIT

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Potorealistična grafika Electric Dreams Unreal Engine 5 2 | MobIT

Still haven’t seen the last word in computer graphics development? You don’t know what you’re missing.

Source: YouTube / Unreal Engine

Epic demonstrated the capabilities of its Unreal Engine technology at the State of Unreal event, highlighting the new features and optimizations brought by version 5.2. However, a lot of attention was attracted by the “Electric Dreams” demo, which amazed viewers with its graphics quality and engine capabilities.

The Electric Dream demo, which uses Lumen’s core features – dynamic global lighting and a reflection system – and Nanite technology, aimed to showcase tools for procedural content creation and vegetation rendering.

The demo shows a photorealistic Rivian R1T vehicle moving through a jungle made with Quixel Megascans technology. From the terrain to the vegetation, the footage looks stunningly true to real life, and best of all – it’s not pre-made animation, but real-time rendering.

The demo also shows progress in the physics engine, so tire deformations, shock absorber and fluid simulation looks better than ever.

One of the most important improvements she brought Unreal Engine 5.2 version is procedurally generated worlds. During the demonstration, the developers moved the cliffs live, and the engine itself automatically filled the empty space where they used to be. Physics is another aspect that was very impressive, with vines, rocks and water reacting appropriately. He deserves credit for this Chaos Physics engine, which surpasses the popular PhysX and Nvidia’s open-source physics engine, and will eventually replace them.

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Watch the full State of the Unreal event here:

Electric Dreams
Source: Unreal Engine

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