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Punk Government: Bnkr44’s song at Sanremo 2024

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Punk Government: Bnkr44’s song at Sanremo 2024

The rebellionthe boredom of province and the story of theirs generation. I Bnkr44 they are this and more, a group made up of Erin, Piccolo, Faster, JxN, Caph e Fareswith the artistic direction of gheray0born in 2019 a Villanovaa small fraction of the Florentine province, where the boys grew up, a place that influenced theirs until which does not stop at mere musical production, but crosses many areas: it starts from music and passes through the painting, going as far as the creation of clothing items, the same ones that characterize their style. For Bnkr44 the time has come to take an important stage, that of Sanremo 2024where it will be their first time as participants but not the first ever: it was the Festival that introduced them to us last year, when they performed together with Ours in the evening from the coverexecuting Charlie fa Surf of the Construction site.

They have earned a place among the big names by overcoming, together with Clara and you have Santi Frenchthe selection of Sanremo Youthnow they want to amaze with Punk Governmenta song whose title is misleading, in fact it does not launch any political message and is not even punk, the “punk government” sung by Bnkr44 is nothing other than their way of living, according to their own rules: «It is an energetic, fun, light song. It is neither a punk nor political song, despite what the title might suggest. It is the representation of a state of mind, of a rebellion, the escape from the boredom of the province, the escape from the canons and from what is standardized.” Bnkr44 arrive at Sanremo after their album Off road, and collaborations with established artists, such as those of Devil, in which they appear Ghali, Rkomi and Teduae It does not work this way, con Madame, Gaia, Rkomi e Elisaboth produced by Night Skinny in his album Botoxor again in I’ll call you tomorrow con Tananai e in The truth, song by The divine Comedythe latest album by I have. For the fourth evening of the Festival, the Tuscan group will perform together with Pine of Anjou in But which idea.

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