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Pupils got sick in the Gymnasium | Info

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Pupils got sick in the Gymnasium |  Info

During today’s demonstration exercise on the occasion of the anniversary of the earthquake, six students of the Gymnasium received medical help.

Source: Miomir Jakovljević/©Anadolu Agency

Due to stress and panic during this exercise, the students got sick.

Fortunately, the emergency services were already here and the students immediately received adequate medical assistance.

Vita Malešević, director of the Gymnasium, confirmed for Independent that six students of this school needed medical help.

“Parents were informed, and these students were taken to the Emergency Service”, she said, and added that they didn’t have breakfast and that probably had an effect as well.

“The student, who is also a Red Cross volunteer, acted out an epileptic attack so realistically, that I believe they were afraid of that too,” she explained.

On the occasion of commemorating the 54th anniversary of the earthquake, a methodical demonstration exercise on the topic of the earthquake is being performed today in the Gymnasium.


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