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Record-Breaking Cargo and Mail Throughput at Ningbo Airport in September

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Ningbo Airport Sets New Record for Cargo and Mail Throughput in September

Ningbo Airport in China has achieved a significant milestone in September, with its cargo and mail throughput reaching a new high. A total of 17,000 tons of cargo were completed in a single month, surpassing all previous records. On September 28th, the airport recorded a single-day cargo volume of 856 tons, breaking historical peaks.

According to statistics, Ningbo Airport has seen its cargo and mail throughput exceed 100,000 tons in the first three quarters of this year, showing a remarkable increase of more than 50% compared to the same period last year.

The success in cargo and mail throughput is attributed to the airport’s focus on the construction of a regional air cargo hub. Ningbo Airport has concentrated its efforts on strengthening the belly compartment, expanding routes, and promoting overall development to ensure a steady growth curve for cargo and mail operations.

Currently, the airport operates 14 all-cargo routes, with 50 flights per week. Domestically, it has stabilized the Guangzhou cargo route and opened a new Ezhou cargo route on August 15th. In terms of international routes, Ningbo Airport has expanded its reach to Hong Kong, Taipei, Osaka, Manila, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more. New all-cargo routes to Bangkok, Hanoi, Dubai, Liege, Seoul, and other major economic zones across Europe, America, and Asia have also been established, further enhancing the airport’s international freight route network.

Innovation-driven development has played a crucial role in supporting the continuous increase in cargo volume at Ningbo Airport. In May, the airport opened four intercontinental routes to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Liege, all of which operate with fifth freedom rights. This expansion has not only enriched the types of cargo entering and exiting the port but also enhanced the airport’s cargo collection capabilities. The addition of B747 all-cargo aircraft routes has significantly contributed to the rapid growth of cargo volume this year. Cross-border e-commerce products, auto parts, machinery, and other goods departing the port are now fully loaded, while fresh food, auto parts, cosmetics, and more entering the port are also in high demand. It is expected that these factors will contribute to more than 40,000 tons of cargo at Ningbo Airport this year.

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Ensuring the safety and stability of flight operations on the cargo routes is a top priority for Ningbo Airport. The airport’s Cargo Terminal actively collaborates with various airlines and joint inspection units to establish comprehensive support processes, operating specifications, emergency plans, and more. Special attention is given to the transportation of dangerous goods, collection and transportation safety, fire safety, and public security management. Through strengthened security measures in the transportation chain, potential risks at each stage are continually investigated and controlled. These efforts aim to improve the level of air defense safety management and further consolidate the foundation of “safe civil aviation” construction.

Looking to the future, Ningbo Airport remains committed to developing air cargo and fulfilling its long-term goals. The airport aims to improve the air cargo network and accelerate the construction of an international air cargo hub that benefits the Yangtze River Delta region, radiating across the country and connecting the world. By actively promoting the growth and strength of air cargo, Ningbo Airport will provide essential support for the city in building a dual-circulation hub and modern coastal metropolis.

(Photo courtesy of Ningbo Airport)

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