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Chongxin County: Projects Drive High-Quality Economic Development with Priority on Services

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Projects Drive High-Quality Economic Development in Chongxin County

Chongxin County is experiencing a surge in project construction and investment, attracting large enterprises to invest and start businesses in the region. Pingliang City’s “High-Quality Development Research Tour” recently visited Chongxin County, where new factory buildings are being built, and major projects are being promoted at an impressive pace.

Thanks to ongoing reforms, investment promotion efforts, and open development initiatives, Chongxin County has successfully attracted investments from prominent companies such as Shandong Energy, Xukuang Group, Oriental Hope, and Baoding Yusen. But what makes Chongxin County such an appealing destination for these large-scale projects?

During interviews conducted by reporters, it was revealed that Chongxin County has created a conducive environment for project implementation. An example of this is the food processing park project, which utilizes waste heat from power plants in the Chongxin County Industrial Concentration Zone. This particular project, invested in and constructed by Yunnan Honghe Fengye Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., is estimated to have a total investment of 675 million yuan. Once completed, it is expected to produce various food products annually, generating substantial revenue, taxes, and employment opportunities.

To ensure the smooth implementation of projects like this one, Chongxin County has been providing dedicated support and services. Responsible persons from the county have made frequent visits to project sites to monitor progress and address issues promptly. They have also established a special work class to coordinate and provide assistance throughout the entire project development process.

Companies, such as Yerun Food Industry Co., Ltd. and Gansu Blue Stone Renewable Resources Recycling Project, have praised the exceptional service they received from the County Industrial Concentration Zone. They have been assisted with various procedures and have been provided with office spaces and accommodation. These efforts have significantly accelerated the construction of their respective projects.

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Project construction plays a vital role in promoting high-quality development. As part of the “Three Grasps and Three Promotions” action, Chongxin County has been actively pursuing project development and optimizing the business environment. Over the past three years, they have established a secondary project database with 467 reserved projects in key fields, with a total estimated investment of 98.6 billion yuan.

To expedite project construction, Chongxin County has implemented innovative project promotion methods. Each project has a dedicated work class, and the “three one” responsibility system, “five lists” and “4+2” management mechanism have been strictly enforced. Measures such as daily scheduling, monthly research and judgement, and early warnings have been undertaken to address challenges and ensure timely completion of projects.

This year alone, Chongxin County has initiated construction on 22 investment promotion projects, with a total of 2.733 billion yuan of funds in place, representing a significant year-on-year increase. These efforts have earned Chongxin County the title of “Advanced Unit for Investment Promotion in the City” by Pingliang City in 2022.

With a focus on high-quality development and an emphasis on projects, Chongxin County is making significant strides towards economic prosperity. This dedication to project construction and attracting investments demonstrates their commitment to long-term growth and development.

New Gansu·Gansu Daily reporter Tian Liyuan

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