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Review of the Galician Luis Fercán’s album “Lost Postcards”

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Review of the Galician Luis Fercán’s album “Lost Postcards”

Luis Fercan is out with his new album titled “Lost Postcards” (Calaverita, 24), a work that represents a real leap in quality in the discography of the Santiago singer-songwriter and during which we accompany him on a very personal journey. It is a work full of nuances and changes with respect to what he had accustomed us to, but at the same time, it maintains the purest essence of the music he had been making, thus avoiding being strange to those familiar with the music. concerts of him.

We are facing a Luis Fercan that opens more than ever, that navigates on the edge of melancholy, but avoiding the sadness so common among singer-songwriters. Songs that transmit a certain joy and restlessness, with the Galician showing a very pure and self-critical face with which it is impossible not to empathize until one becomes infected with that happiness that one feels when remembering the moments in which one has been happy with a partner. Those moments that hurt when everything breaks but that, with the perspective of time, cause that inevitable smile for past happiness.

There are two issues that influence this. And a lot. The first (and perhaps the most important because of the change it represents) is the presence of that band with which Luis surrounds himself on this new album. Something that might not have worked but, nevertheless, he manages to take his songs to another very different universe, while maintaining the essence to which he has accustomed us. A packaging, a wrapper, that makes them convey much more. On the other hand, the presence (again) of Nacho Mur in a production that borders on perfection. And the thing is that the also member of MODA day It ensures that the sum of the Galician’s guitar and voice plus the band come together in a spectacular way, giving each part the fair and necessary importance for the whole to be balanced.

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It is also necessary to talk about the order of the songs, starting with a “I seek” which is quite a declaration of intentions about what will come next. A song that exposes Luis Fercán that shows his love for music and telling stories. From here we embark on a journey of purity, forgiveness and a lot of self-criticism with “cold to see you”, “back there” o “There is something in that light”. Something that remains latent with “that drunk”a song that invites a certain dance, with a somewhat more upbeat rhythm that enters very well in the middle of the album.

Con “a signal” he slows down again, reminding us something more of the Luis who sings only with his guitar, a sensation that remains with “temple bar” and his torn voice in the longest song on the album. In “stripes of sky We find what is possibly the greatest surprise of the work, with the rockiest and darkest version (and a much deeper voice), but with a result that groups closer to the genre could sign. The closing with “I remember you” It is the perfect cherry on top, since “Lost Postcards” ends with Luis Fercan and his guitar being sincere once again.

In short, this is the best work that the Galician singer-songwriter has presented in a career that began eight years ago; an album that is made to work with the most intimate version that it can offer us, but also to be a real success on larger stages accompanied by a band. The confirmation that we are facing someone with a very interesting present and future, a step forward that has become a declaration of intentions.

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