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Rosendo I want you to dream with me, criticizes in Mondo Sonoro

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Rosendo I want you to dream with me, criticizes in Mondo Sonoro

The key role played by Rosendo Market As a pioneer of national urban rock, he has already been more than recognized on many occasions, so now we can focus, directly and without further ado, on describing and evaluating the stupendous review of his exploits and ways of living that this book is.

The first thing that jumps out: the luxurious presentation. In full colour, hardcover and on exclusive glossy paper, this tome full of photographs and images of memorabilia (concert tickets, posters, backstage passes, single and LP covers…) spares no resources or details when it comes to illustrate the text contained in it.

Regarding the narration, from the outset, it seems to emerge from an extraordinarily long and exhaustive interview. Actually, it is a compilation of various conversations held by the authors with Rosendo for about twenty years. Of course, impeccably edited and linked here to baste a line of continuity, with which a chronological order is followed from which practically nothing escapes. In very specific moments, moreover, gaps are filled in by borrowing fragments from an interview unrelated to the authors of this book.

We are, therefore, before a sort of autobiography, since it is the own Rosendo who tells his life, even if he does so spurred on by journalists. Especially interesting are the beginnings of the protagonist in the world of music, in those times of Francoism and post-Francoism in which the foundations of the rock scene in Spain still had to be laid. And it is that, as much as this is a success story in the end, it is the economic hardships of the beginning, together with the difficulties and setbacks of the times of Ñu and Leño, which will impact and enrich the reader the most. This, without prejudice to the fact that his solo career, as you know, has been so long and consistent, full of anecdotes that do not deserve to be forgotten.

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Thus, and perhaps because he has never denied his origins, nor has it gone to his head to receive tributes as exuberant as naming a street after him, the now happily retired Rosendo tells us everything from a modesty that, In your case, there is nothing false about it. He too, fortunately, he proves to have been able to safeguard in his memory the most relevant of his career. The authors, for their part, lead you with mastery and knowledge of the facts. Not in vain, Kike Babas and Kike Turrón already published in 2003 “The healthy intention. Conversations with Rosendo” (Iberautor Cultural Promotions) and in 2013 the choir “Ways of living. Log and the origin of urban rock” (Bao Bilbao Editions). By insisting them now with this “Rosendo. I want you to dream of me”it only remains for any self-respecting fan to read the book and promise to be grateful to them.

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