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Russia, sentenced to two years the father of the girl who made a ‘pacifist’ drawing at school

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Russia, sentenced to two years the father of the girl who made a ‘pacifist’ drawing at school

Guilty of having “discredited” therussian army on social media and convicted for this by the court a 2 years in prison. This is what happened to a Russian citizen, Alexei Moskalev54, guilty of criticizing the offensive againstUkraine on his social network. The man was also taken away from the custody of the Daughterafter the little girl had done in school a “pacifist” design. The story was reported by Vladimir Bilienkolawyer of theong Ovd-Info who currently represents the interests of the man, who was accused – after a lightning process – Of “repeated insult” of the Moscow military.

The sentence was handed down by the Interdistrict Court of Efremovin the Russian region of Tulaaccording to those reported by OVD-Info on its website. Moskalev was not present when the verdict was announced and currently qualifies as fugitive by the court. Moskalev’s daughter, Mashais a sixth-grade student who drew an anti-war drawing at school in April 2022, after the teacher asked students to draw pictures in support of the Moscow troops in Ukraine. The school had immediately contacted the policethus drawing attention to the anti-war posts that the girl’s father had published on social media, and which he now denies having written, claiming that his account was hacked.

In recent months, father and daughter have been repeatedly arrested, interrogated and, in the case of Alexei Moskalev, even beaten. At the end of December 2022, a criminal case was opened against Moskalev, so he and his daughter left Efremov for their own safety. After some time it became known that the police were on the trail of the father: on 1 March the man was arrested and the following day he was placed under house arrest. Also from 1 March, the daughter was instead taken to a rehabilitation center for minors, where she was not allowed to communicate with her father and visitors. On March 28, the employees of the center let in the lawyer Bilienko and gave him drawings and a letter from the girl to her father: “Dad, you are my hero,” Masha wrote at the end of the letter. NGO Memorial recognized Alexei Moskalev as political prisoner.

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