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Sanremo: Bigmama Gaia La Nina Sissi exclusive interview

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Sanremo: Bigmama Gaia La Nina Sissi exclusive interview

As soon as I left rehearsals for the third evening, I intercepted from the phone screen BigMama who, still covered in glitter, tells me that she perfectly remembers the moment when, as a child, she saw the video for “Lady Marmelade” for the first time on television: «It was the very first time I saw women together making themselves strong. It was dazzling”. She wanted to choose an Italian song for the evening dedicated to duets, but the choice fell on that song because she wanted to break down boundaries, reach everyone. «This is the year of my revenge, and I wanted to confront myself as a child who is always the one who needs an apology, so I immediately thought of a piece that would take me back to that moment in which I became who I am».

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The first time Marianna (BigMama) came down the stairs of the Ariston was last year, when she was invited by Elodie to duet on the melody of “American Woman”. This is why the moment of the duet is so important for her, because it is the opportunity for her to give back the platform to those who deeply believe that they deserve it. I ask her what sharing the stage means to her. «I really care that the value of each of them comes out, it would be easy to bring little robots that you tell what to do and maybe they make you stand out. It wasn’t what I wanted, I made everyone take up space, each one had their own moment. I’m not central to the performance, but all four of us are equally central». He believes that this is precisely the reason why it is so important to be all here together: «We women must support each other, we must be united. I hope that this performance goes very well, but above all that the message is understood.”

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