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Sara Stanković is the sister of Lee Stanković Fun

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Sara Stanković is the sister of Lee Stanković  Fun

Sara Stanković, the new presenter of the Morning Program on Pink Television, is the sister of Lee Stanković

Izvor: Instagram/saraastankovic

Sara has a master’s degree in political science in Paris, and you all know her sister. In question is the influencer Lea Stanković, who has now commented on her sister’s new job.

“At first she was afraid… I don’t know if I dared to say this! She was worried, she told me: ‘Is it for me, what should I do?’. How did that first day end, when she broke through the ice, she says: ‘I would so love to do this, I love this so much!’ So I was really glad because she was scared, but it turned out to be something that was real for her,” Lea said. , and then revealed whether she is ready to get up at six in the morning for her sister and watch the program she hosts.

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THE MORNING PRESIDENT IS THE SISTER OF A SERBIAN INFLUENCER: Lea revealed everything – “The first time I didn’t wake up to watch her”

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“Honestly, the first time I didn’t get up at six. I usually get up early, because I go to training… The first time I watched her from 10 in the morning onwards, and the next time I wanted to send everyone off properly, so I got up early I can say that she is getting better every time,” Lea told Telegraf.

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01:00 AM IT IS NOT RIGHT FOR ME TO COMMENT SO MUCH, NOT THE BRIDES: Lea Stanković put an end to the controversy about the DRESS she wore as a godmother Source: Kurir televizija

Source: Kurir television

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