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Stanivuković on department heads | Info

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Stanivuković on department heads |  Info

The Mayor of Banjaluka, Draško Stanivuković, assessed that the proposal of the parliamentary majority to appoint acting heads of departments in the City Administration, as replacements for the previous signatories, is an attempt by SNSD to enter the executive power of Banjaluka.

Source: Mondo – Slaven Petković

Stanivuković compared the current city situation with a well-known detail from the history of Ancient Greece.

“We will not allow the Trojan horse Vladi Đajić to enter the City Administration, because if he enters, everything will be destroyed. He is not a Trojan horse, he is a Trojan horse”claims Stanivuković.

He added that he is strictly against this proposal, which according to him represents a coalition between him and the SNSD, as well as that he does not want certain positions of department heads to belong to this political party.

He accused the SNSD Banjaluka City Committee and the City Assembly of not allowing a regular session to be held because of these requests, which is why issues necessary for the functioning of the city cannot be resolved.

“If the point about Akvana is not accepted, we will be in a situation where city land worth 25 million will go into private hands due to a debt of five million marks, which was made by the previous director and which we found”, notes Stanivuković.

He warned that if a loan is not approved to repay Akvana’s debt, there is a danger that the City will lose this land.

He also rejected the proposal of the parliamentary majority regarding the relocation of funds from the budget.

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“From what should you take five million, from salaries, from the bridge in Doc or in Česma?” Stanivuković asked.

At the end, Stanivuković announced that, if the points concerning Akvana, the school in Ada and other important projects are rejected at the collegium on Monday, he will be forced “to take the workers and the people to the streets”.


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