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Tamara Milutinović looks like Teodora Džehverović | Entertainment

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Tamara Milutinović looks like Teodora Džehverović |  Entertainment

Singer Tamara Milutinović set the internet on fire with one photo!

Izvor: Instagram/printscreen/teodoradzehverovic/tamaramilutinovic

Tamara will soon become a mother, which she wanted to show with a picture showing her pregnant belly, but the followers were looking at the singer’s face instead.

“She’s the same Teodora Džehverović, only to be painted,” read one of the sea of ​​comments on this picture:

Source: Instagram/tamaramilutinovic

Check out the singers with this hairstyle:

Izvor: Instagram/printscreen/teodoradzehverovic/tamaramilutinovic

Tamara Milutinović and Teodora Džehverović were once members of the group “Đavolice”, and after the breakup of this then popular female group, a conflict occurred between them, which is why they are not on good terms even today.

Both started their solo careers, Tamara says today that she would like for her and Teodora to meet, so that they could resolve the disputed issues and doubts from seven years ago.

“There’s no way to arrange for us to meet somewhere, because our careers are totally different, our paths and shows… I’d like us to meet and solve it, for her to say that it’s solved, that there’s no need to talk. See , she is the girl who was with me in the group and we have very good successes behind us, we are both successful at this moment, we have our own songs, hits, performances, we are overbooked, there is no room for arguments anymore,” Tamara said at the time.

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Look at these photos of Tamara:

And, tell me, does she look like Teodora:

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