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Taurus Leak: Missed |  nd-aktuell.de

The Air Force officers’ conversation also discussed whether Taurus cruise missiles would be capable of destroying the Crimean Bridge.

Foto: Uncredited/south korea defense ministry/AP/dpa

The Federal Ministry of Defense has launched a diversionary maneuver. Before that, the heads of his press and information staff must have been glowing. Finally, the militarist chat of the four Bundeswehr air force generals, recorded by Russian services and leaked by RT on Friday, is politically explosive. And so the actual scandal of discussing operational scenarios for German Taurus cruise missiles in the theater of war was turned into one about wiretapping with which Russia is threatening Germany’s security. This framing proved to be a complete success.

But perhaps it wouldn’t have been necessary at all, after all, even the ZDF children’s news program “logo!” now wants to inspire the audience that the Taurus is finally allowed to fly against Russia.

However, it is not the state-threatening balancing act that is very close to entering war in the Ukraine conflict that is shaping the media debate, but rather the Bundeswehr’s deficit in protected communications. Which wasn’t taking place here at all, but a Webex conference – greetings from Edward Snowden.

The four starry-eyed officers involuntarily use their simulation games for a presentation to the fresh-faced defense minister to give the public insights into the close links between the army and the arms industry and the covert operations of the British and US military: the real scandal.

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