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Teresa Mannino’s monologue in Sanremo 2024

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Teresa Mannino’s monologue in Sanremo 2024

The third evening (RELIVE THE LIVE – THE RANKING – THE REPORT CARD – THE LOOKS) of the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival (THE SPECIAL) opened the doors of the Ariston to the new co-host, Teresa Mannino. The Sicilian comedian brought with her a good dose of irony and a great classic from past editions of the singing festival, the monologue. Mannino reflected on man’s belief in exercising a form of superiority over nature, and with a mixture of seriousness and comedy she demolished this belief. “We are in 2024, but we think like 2524 years ago” she began. “The Greek philosopher Protagoras said that man is the measure of all thingsand for us the rich, white, Western man is the measure of all things, only that he lost it, he thinks that everything else in the world is at his disposal and what is not needed is eliminated. And women? What are they doing? Yet they are busy.” The co-host insisted: “Let’s talk about a human being, even better a human animal. 60% of our genetic heritage is the same as bananas, which is why they say “I skinned my knees”. With monkeys it’s the same as 98%, except that the information isn’t very widespread, chimpanzees are keen not to let it be known. We feel superior because we speak, in reality animals and plants do it in a different way. Baboons, for example, greet each other by squeezing their penises.”


Mannino then praised the leaf-cutting ants, creators of a perfect agricultural system in which the males have the sole utility of procreating: “They don’t even make them throw away the garbage, the only task is to provide the spermatozoa, which are in the queen’s spermatheca, I have to do the spermatheca too… Their job is the nuptial flight, they mate and then die because they are no longer needed. But how advanced they are! They have no problems managing exes and happy males, because their life is one big sc***.” The co-host concluded: “Human animals, on the other hand, prefer power over other men, over women, over children, over nature. I also like power, but the power of, which has another energy, the power to laugh and make people laugh, to dress in feathers, to sing out of tune, to dance in the street. I’m not willing to ignore the stories that haven’t yet passed, if it hasn’t passed it’s not the time to move on.”

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