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The Chinese coast guard caused “panic” in Taiwan. This is only part of Beijing’s plan.

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The Chinese coast guard caused “panic” in Taiwan.  This is only part of Beijing’s plan.

Taiwanese tourist boat intercepted by Chinese coast guard

In a concerning confrontation, the King Xia, a Taiwanese tourist boat with 23 passengers on board, was intercepted by two Chinese coast guard ships while traveling around the Kinmen Islands near Taiwan. Six Chinese officers boarded the boat and performed a “forced” inspection of the ship’s route plan, certificate, and licenses of its 11 crew members. The decision to inspect the boat came after the King Xia was deemed to have “detoured toward” the Chinese side of the water to avoid sandbanks.

The unprecedented meeting with Chinese authorities amid heightened tension between Beijing and Taipei startled the Taiwanese passengers on board. A worried passenger expressed his fear, stating, “Very afraid that I would not be able to return to Taiwan.”

For many years, sightseeing boat tours between Kinmen and Xiamen have provided Taiwanese tourists the chance to enjoy China’s skyline without border controls. However, this popular route has now become embroiled in rising tensions as China steps up patrols in the area, with many analysts viewing this as Beijing’s latest attempt to undermine Taiwan’s control over the waters.

This escalation follows the accidental deaths of two Chinese fishermen who drowned when their speedboat capsized during a chase by Taiwan’s coast guard. Beijing blamed Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and took charge to expand its presence in the waters, challenging Taiwan’s designation of “prohibited or restricted waters” near Kinmen.

The inspection of the Taiwanese tourist boat in such a manner was seen as an intentional act by China to provoke Taiwan and test its response. The high-profile nature of the tourist boat was expected to bring attention to this incident and erode Taiwan’s ability to manage the waters in question.

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The escalation has raised concerns of potential miscalculations that could lead to an open conflict between the respective navies of the two governments. Taiwan’s military has expressed being “very concerned” about the situation and highlighted the risk of accidental conflict as a worrisome factor.

This pressure from China on Taiwan comes after the victory of Vice President Lai Ching-te in the presidential election, a strong defender of Taiwanese identity and sovereignty. Not long after the election, Beijing claimed one of Taipei’s few remaining diplomatic allies, Nauru.

In recent months, China continues to challenge Taiwan’s air security and air defense, adding pressure on Taipei over its airspace. The movements are seen as part of a bigger effort by Beijing to test the incoming Taiwan administration and its response to Beijing’s provocations.

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