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The most serious tragedies in the stadiums

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The most serious tragedies in the stadiums

Malang, Indonesia, is the latest in a long series of stadium tragedies. These are the most serious.

Peru – May 24, 1964 In Lima 320 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured in the crowd during the Peru-Argentina Olympic qualifiers.

Scotland – January 2, 1971 In Glasgow 66 dead in the crowd at Ibrox Stadium during a derby between Rangers and Celtic. It is the second disaster in that stadium, after the collapse of a grandstand which in 1902 had claimed 26 lives.

Egypt – February 17, 1974 In Cairo 48 people lose their lives and 47 are injured. There were 80,000 people in the stadium, double the capacity of the stadium.

Russia – October 20, 1982 The death toll of the crowd in the stairwell of the Luzniki stadium in Moscow has never been clarified, where a Uefa Cup match is played between Spartak Moscow and the Dutch side of Haarlem. Officially there is talk of 66 deaths, including 45 teenagers, but according to the newspaper Sovietski Sport there are 340.

France – May 5, 1992 Eighteen dead and over 2,300 injured in the collapse of a terrace at the Furiani stadium in Corsica.

Belgium – May 29, 1985 39 people lose their lives at the Heysel stadium in Brussels when Juventus fans try to escape from Liverpool fans.

England – May 11, 1985 In a fire that broke out in the main stand of the Bradford stadium, 56 people were killed.

England – April 15, 1989 The crowd in the stands at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough Stadium kills 97 Liverpool fans during the FA Cup semi-final with Nottingham Forest.

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Africa Cup of Nations, tragic crowd before Cameroon-Comore: fans break through the gates of the stadium


South Africa – January 13, 1991 Forty dead in the Orlando Pirates-Kaizer Chiefs match in Johannesburg.

Guatemala – October 16, 1996 About 80 spectators lost their lives after being crushed by fans who had massed in a stand at the Mateo Flores National Stadium for the 1998 World Cup qualifier between Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Ghana – May 9, 2001 One hundred twenty-six died in Accra at the end of a match between Hearts of Oaks and Kumasi, when the Kumasi fans, enraged by the defeat of their team, throw objects and chairs and the police use tear gas, triggering a stampede.

South Africa – April 11, 2001 43 people die in the crowd at the Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg.

Egypt – February 1, 2012 In the Port Said stadium 74 dead after clashes between rival supporters of the local club Al-Masry and Al-Ahly in Cairo.

Cameroon – January 24, 2022 Eight people are killed and dozens more injured in the crowd before the Africa Cup of Nations match between the hosts of Cameroon and the Comoros in Yaounde.

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