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The PRize at WINDTRE for the NeoConnessi project

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The PRize at WINDTRE for the NeoConnessi project

WINDTRE’s NeoConnessi receives The PRize award in the “Environmental and Sustainability” category

The prestigious award was awarded to NeoConnessi by WINDTRE The PRizethe Italian Public Relations Award promoted by UNA – Unite Communications Company.

The event, which took place in the fascinating setting of the Belvedere Jannacci of Palazzo Pirelli in Milan, represents the highest recognition in Italy dedicated to Public Relations, a constantly evolving and always strategic sector in the field of communication.

NeoConnessi’s candidacy was presented by La Fabbrica, a leading benefit company in the educational communication sector which has supported WINDTRE since the birth of the award-winning project.

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In particular, The Silver PRize was awarded in the “Environmental and Sustainability” category to NeoConnessi, WINDTRE’s digital and media education project which is aimed at schools and families to support them in the delicate phase in which the youngest find themselves for the first time. aimed at navigating independently. The program, born in 2018, involved approximately 15 thousand elementary classes and reached more than a million children, raising awareness of conscious and responsible use of the web. The jury praised the creativity and strategy with which NeoConnessi faced the challenges of the present, demonstrating a deep understanding of the market and the ability to narrate the essence of brands.

WINDTRE aims to achieve, by 2030, ambitious results within the three ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) dimensions and has for years been promoting solutions and projects aimed at accompanying the country towards a more sustainable and inclusive future with a quantitative and tangible and continuous results over time.

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