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This supermarket reveals a formula to get a “yes” this Valentine’s Day

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This supermarket reveals a formula to get a “yes” this Valentine’s Day

The British store chain Asda claims to have an infallible formula to get a yes on Valentine’s Day. This is the step by step and the prize for those who prove to have followed the procedure

Valentine’s Day has arrived and with it the actions of love. For those who are not yet in a relationship, for example, the date is ideal to propose the start of a romance. For this reason, the British store chain Asda developed a formula to achieve the coveted “yes”. How to carry out the strategy proposed in the campaign?

This supermarket’s Valentine’s Day campaign guarantees the long-awaited “yes”

The brains behind the action is Dr. Tom Crawford, a mathematician at the University of Oxford. The basis of it all is a survey carried out by Asda of 2,000 people. The results state that the key to success is made up of four essential factors for a proposal during a home-prepared dinner. That is: the time of the meal (M), the time of the proposal (T), the duration of the planning (P) and the cost of the engagement ring. (C).

In addition, they detail a list of actions that, when performed correctly, will add points to increase the chances of yes. For example, buyers who want to close the deal can increase their chances of success by giving a heartfelt speech (+8 points). Also creating a romantic atmosphere with mood lighting and flowers (+7 points). On the other hand, playing good music (+5 points).

On the other hand, this is still an advertising action. So serving Asda’s Bistro Valentine’s Day Dine-In could increase shoppers’ odds by 5 bonus points. Additionally, survey results reveal that the optimal time to start your Valentine’s Day meal is at 8:06 p.m. Finally, the brand is offering a £100 voucher (equivalent to $125) to any hopeless romantic who can prove you got your “yes” using Dr Crawford’s formula on Valentine’s Day and Asda’s Valentine’s Day restaurant dinner options.

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