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Three months after the assault by Trump supporters on Capitol Hill, fear returns

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January 6 – April 2. Almost three months after the assault by Donald Trump’s supporters, the tension, the pure one, has returned to high on Capitol Hill, isolated for an “external threat to security”. This time it is not hundreds of Donald trum’s political supporters who are threatening the institutions but a man behind the wheel of a car who throws himself into the security barriers near the Senate parking lot. The cops ordered him to stop, then opened fire, killing him. Two two officers are injured: one of them dies. The speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile orders the flags at half mast for the agent’s death. President Joe Biden, who left for Camp David to spend the Easter holidays, is promptly informed of the incident. In short, the National Guard arrives in support of the Capitol Police. The FBI arrives on the spot. There is still no motive for what happened. But from the first reconstructions of the Police it seems at least excluded the terrorist motive.

In the clashes three months ago 140 officers were injured, of which fifteen were hospitalized. Five dead, four demonstrators and a policeman. Two other officers on duty, due to too much stress, took their own lives in the following days. 390 people were indicted for that assault. Since then, the area around Capitol Hill has been armored with hundreds of agents around the perimeter. Republicans had been protesting, arguing that there was no reason to raise the security level.

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