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Tony Bauer has to carry a backpack because of his illness

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Tony Bauer has to carry a backpack because of his illness

Tony Bauer is a comedian and will venture onto the famous dance floor of “Let’s Dance” in 2024. But who is Tony Bauer and what is his backpack all about?

Tony Bauer is also one of the candidates for “Let’s Dance” 2024. The 28-year-old is looking forward to spending time together with the other participants: “It can have such a cool school camp vibe. A school camp where you work hard works and ends up sipping gin and tonic,” he speculates in the interview RTL. At the same time, he has high expectations of himself. Just being there isn’t enough for him if he wants to win the thing. To do this, the comedian has to convince not only the audience but also the jury of “Let’s Dance”. Like most others, Tony doesn’t have much previous dancing experience, but he still promised himself to give it his all. But who is Tony Bauer exactly and what brings him to “Let’s Dance” 2024?

Tony Bauer at “Let’s Dance” 2024: biography of the comedian

Tony Bauer was born in Dinslaken, but grew up in Duisburg in the middle of the Ruhr area. His main caregivers were his grandparents. After graduating from school, like many other young people, he went to university. He started studying nutritional medicine and psychology, but dropped out in 2021. He made the decision because he wanted to concentrate on his career as a comedian. From then on, Tony spent a lot of time on stage. Like many of his colleagues, he became known to the public at “NightWash”. He performed in front of around 13,000 spectators at the “1LIVE Cologne Comedy Night XXL” and this year he is going on tour with his first solo program “Parachutist”. Tony is probably used to performing in front of a lot of people and also the cameras.

Nevertheless, “Let’s Dance” 2024 is a new challenge for Tony Bauer. His previous experience in dancing is limited solely to a large mirror in the youth center, in front of which he always danced with his friends. He explains his most important goal in RTL-Interview: “I don’t want to be a board [..]I want to bring out Shakira’s hips a bit.” He wants to cut a good figure, especially next to the professional dancers on “Let’s Dance 2024”.

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Video: dpa

Profile of Tony Bauer:

  • Birth date: 28. October 1995
  • Place of birth: Dinslaken
  • Place of residence: Duisburg
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Profession: Comedian

“Let’s Dance” 2024: Tony Bauer’s backpack and his illness

Most people probably know Tony Bauer with his scout backpack. He always has it with him on stage. The 28-year-old suffers from short bowel syndrome and is dependent on regular intake of nutrients. He gets them from his scout backpack, to which he is connected via a hose. He goes a lot open about his illness and always refers to this hose as his “hose of life.” But he sometimes separates himself from his backpack for sporting activities such as football. He will also take off his backpack for “Let’s Dance” 2024. Participating in “Let’s Dance” has great personal meaning for him: “I always watched the show with grandma and grandpa in the hospital and now being there myself is incredible. I hope I can make a few eyes shine , just like a lot of people did to me before when I watched it.” (lob)

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