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Udinese-Hellas Verona 3-3 / Cioffi speaks: “You have to know how to respect…”

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Udinese-Hellas Verona 3-3 / Cioffi speaks: “You have to know how to respect…”

Udinese played a great match, but failed to take advantage of their opponents’ errors. Here are the coach’s statements at the end of the match

The match between Gabriele Cioffi’s Udinese and coach Marco Baroni’s Verona is over. Here are all the statements from the coach and above all the point about the Juventus team.

What is your vision after this challenge?

We deserved to win today, that we are a very strong team and that they stole the game from us. This is what I will never say. I analyze the performance of my boys and I believe that the real disappointment of this draw is what I feel towards them. For how they train, for their attitudes and for everything they do every day. I saw a match where we were in control until 2-0. If I want to be mean, I’ll say that we stopped playing until the penalty. We accepted a game that is not ours. Immediately after 2-1 we were back in command. In the second half, we once again accepted what is not our football. Despite this, after the draw I saw an Udinese team that deserved to win, that played great football, that took the lead again and that could also have achieved the second with Thauvin. A correct final management in terms of mentality and therefore I say well done. Even if we are good, we are good when you take home the three points“.

What is your position on recovery?

“We also need to know respect the work of others and consequently I don’t comment on it. In my opinion there is no need to comment, but we need to think about what we could have done better in the 97 minutes. I struggle to find many things that can be improved, although obviously there are.”

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How is Lucca working?

Lucca gave me answers. A footballer who has never played as a starter. It shows me that the whole team is alive. Well done, because they got a nice revenge. I am convinced that we will get out of this sooner than everyone thinks.”

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December 3 – 5.58pm

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