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Udinese / Latest from today’s session: still differentiated for Pereyra

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Udinese / Latest from today’s session: still differentiated for Pereyra

The bianconeri met today to prepare as best they could for Sunday’s match at 12.30 against Sassuolo. Here are the latest

After the defeat with the Torino, Udinese is immediately called for redemption and the calendar offers another delicate challenge. At the Dacia Arena comes the Sassuolo, fresh from two very important victories against Milan and Atalanta, which removed the Emilians from the hot spot in the standings. Perhaps the worst opponent to meet at the moment for the black and white people, struck down by injuries and in a period of little athletic freshness. Sassuolo runs and seems to have returned to last season. A completely different performance from that seen against grenades will therefore be needed. In the meantime, here’s the latest from Bruseschi.

Afternoon training for Udinese who immediately played one after the second half intense session, with a practice match also for those who played on Sunday. They worked separately Successwho should return to the group tomorrow, and again Pereyra, which continued in the personalized program. Tucu is expected to return to the group between tomorrow and Thursday: if he makes it, he could be called up for Sunday.

The return of the captain

Sottil can smile: the return of Pereyra it is essential to get back to scoring points. The absence was felt, especially in terms of leadership, when the Bianconeri found themselves in the greatest difficulty. If he comes off the bench though, there will be one more time Ezizibue in his place, to date clearly ahead of Ebosele. We will therefore see, after the next training sessions, the situation linked to his presence on the pitch with Sassuolo. Quickly changing the subject, don’t miss the latest Juventus news <<

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