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Ukraine-Russia: news on the war today 18 August

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Ukraine-Russia: news on the war today 18 August

On the 177th day of the war in Ukraine, no peace negotiations are on the horizon. In Lviv the meeting between the Turkish presidents Erdogan and Ukrainian Zelensky, with the UN secretary general Guterres, the first summit since the beginning of the Russian invasion. “Turkey will continue to seek a political solution to put an end to the conflict, always remaining at the side of our Ukrainian friends,” assured the strongman of Ankara. But the leader of Kiev remains adamant: “No peace without the withdrawal of the Russians,” remarked Zelensky. For the UN, the “talks” for the end of the conflict remain “distant”. Meanwhile, eyes are still on the Zaporizhzhi nuclear power plant, at the center of the military clashes and it was Erdogan who sounded the alarm: “We don’t want another Chernobyl.” Meanwhile, methane closes at an all-time high in Amsterdam: 241 euros per megawatt hour, + 6% compared to yesterday.

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Updates hour by hour
23.17 – Spokesperson Medvedev: we will continue to explain to Italians how things stand

Oleg Osipov, spokesman for Dmitry Medvedev, contacted by Ria Novosti said that the vice president of the Security Council of Russia “will continue to explain to the Italians and other unfortunate Europeans who languish under the yoke of their governments how things really are”. The reference is to the post on telegram of the former Russian president where he urged European citizens to “punish” European governments for their “stupidity” using the “powerful lever” of the polls. Finally, Osipov added that ‘United Russia’, the political formation of the leader of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, “is ready to work with people and build dialogue between parties”.

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23.17 – Filorussi: Kiev raid on Energodar near the central Zaporizhia
“Ukrainian troops would have bombed the city of Energodar, near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.” This was stated by Vladimir Rogov, pro-Russian representative of the administration of the region. The attack would have started at 22.50 local time.

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