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What is the true origin of alfajor?

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What is the true origin of alfajor?

With a shape very similar to the famous honey bread, alfajor is a sweet covered with chocolate and filled with dulce de leche that is part of Argentine cuisine.

Although the country is one of the first places to be thought of when it comes to alfajor, did you know that its origin goes back to another geographic point?

It is believed that the sweet is an adapted version of Al Hasu, a dessert with similar ingredients made by the Moors that became popular in the Iberian Peninsula from the 8th century onwards and began to spread in South America through European colonization from the 19th century onwards. XVI.

Beto Almeida, professor at Anhembi Morumbi University, in an interview recorded in the article ‘Did you know that a croissant is not French, sushi is not Japanese and that pasta is not Italian?’, by Helena Gomes, explains that the main difference between alfajor today is in the dough : “[…] Argentine alfajor usually has cornstarch cookies filled with dulce de leche,” he says.

Tested and approved recipes

Regardless of its origin, the sweet that conquers the most diverse palates can be easily reproduced in the comfort of your own kitchen. See the full recipe here.

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