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Wonder Egg Priority e i Gachapon.

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Wonder Egg Priority e i Gachapon.

Wonder Egg Priority (Wonder Egg Priority Wandā Eggu Puraioriti ) is an anime series written by Shinji Nojioma for television and was broadcast in 2021 on Nippon TV. The protagonist is Oh Ohto, a 14-year-old student excluded from peers due to one of her characteristics: having eyes of two different colors. This situation of solitude is interrupted by the arrival at school Koito, a very cheerful girl and they become inseparable friends . A tragedy, however, upsets Ai: the death of her best friend. He therefore decides not to go to school anymore and to study from home, isolating himself even more. One night, during a walk, she enters an arcade and hears a voice leading her towards a car Gachapon (Gachapon) who distributes eggs, Wonder Eggs, receives one, opens it and finds a girl. She soon discovers that in each egg there is a person that she must save, in exchange she will restore life to her friend. Through the world of dreams, Ai will have to fight the Non-Sees, the Haters and the worst nightmare of each of the hatched people, so that they can once again return to the realm of the living.

The television series analyzes the theme of female suicide, caused mostly by problems related to feelings. At the same time it analyzes people who live with guilt, why they have managed to overcome weaknesses and what sacrifice they would be willing to risk to get them back.

The term Gachapon is an onomatopoeia made up of two sounds: Gacha the sound caused by the crank of the vending machine e Pon, the sound of the toy capsule when it falls into the container. Il Gachapon is a plastic capsule containing an anime, manga or video game character. These distributors are also found in Italy, in Japan they arrived in the 60s thanks to Ryuzo Shigetaknown today by the nickname of “Gacha-gacha Ojisan”, or “The grandfather of gashapon”. Originally the vending machine would release a plastic candy or gadget, without an order or separation, so Shigeta thought of inserting the treat into a plastic ball.

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Il February 17, 1965, the first vending machine with plastic balls was installed in front of Shigeta’s shop in Tokyo and i gachapon ; their popularity increased exponentially in 1977 when the Herds created the name Gashapon (Gashapon) and inserted collectible gadgets of its brand.

By Valeria Turino

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