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Xi Jinping helped Biden a lot (pictures) | Liang Jing Xi Jinping | Biden | G7 | One Belt One Road | Contending

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On August 18, 2011, the then US Vice President Biden and the then Vice President of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping met in the Beijing Great Hall. (Image source: Lintao ZhangGetty Images)

[Look at China June 17, 2021 News]Biden’s trip to Europe is a historic event. This incident marked the acceptance of the core proposition of Biden’s foreign policy by the entire Western camp, that is, under the leadership of the United States, to unanimously respond to the biggest and most urgent challenge facing the world order—China under Xi Jinping brings global stability. Threat. Judging from the details of the G7 Communiqué and the meeting, Biden’s efforts to persuade his allies have achieved great success, and it is Xi Jinping himself who has best helped Biden’s success.

The most dramatic detail revealed at the G7 summit is that the summit took extraordinary measures to disconnect the Internet when discussing China’s issues to prevent the CCP’s omnipresent cyber theft. This detail will undoubtedly stimulate many people to imagine, what highly confidential content did the leaders of Western countries discuss in the process? My guess is that Biden took advantage of this rare face-to-face opportunity to share top-secret U.S. intelligence on China. It is easier to imagine that there is evidence of the virus leaked by the Wuhan virus in the shared intelligence, and there will also be evidence of the persecution of Uyghurs in Xinjiang, but I think that Biden’s most powerful intelligence to persuade Western heads of state is that he is talking to Xi Jinping The content and details.

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In that two-hour one-on-one conversation, what did Xi Jinping say to Biden and what psychological and mental state did he show? This is the most valuable intelligence for Western leaders to understand the seriousness and urgency of the threat to the world order in China under Xi Jinping, and there is no more powerful way to share this intelligence with Western leaders than Biden’s personal statement. In fact, I think Xi Jinping’s call with Biden has a great impact on Biden’s entire internal affairs and foreign policy, far beyond the imagination of outsiders.

Since Bi came to power, the most surprising thing is the huge contrast between his China policy and his campaign. Biden is now being tough on Xi Jinping. Not only is he different from him in the campaign, but even more than Trump. For the reason, my understanding is that after he took office, he obtained a lot of intelligence, which caused him to have a huge change in his perception of the danger of Xi Jinping, especially the urgency of the threat from China. Like many people who have dealt with Xi Jinping, what Biden saw from this top-secret information seemed to be a completely different person. The one-on-one calls between Biden and Xi Jinping after he came to power made him no longer able to use his past impressions to question the grim judgments of the intelligence agencies on the threat to China. With the depth of Biden’s experience, it is not difficult for him to understand how serious political and historical responsibilities he will bear if he makes major misjudgments or improper decisions about the dangers facing the United States and the world.

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It is not easy for Biden to make major Western leaders accept his severe judgment of Xi Jinping. There are three main reasons: First, he will question whether Biden has too many self-interested motives for drastic changes in his attitude towards China, that is to say, facing serious problems. In an internal crisis, Biden needs to create a stronger enemy. Second, following Biden, he will get too stiff with Xi Jinping and bring many disadvantages to his country, including his own political future. Third, Biden’s year. The matter is high, will the future leaders of the United States change their minds? Judging from the consensus issued by the G7 and NATO summits, Biden successfully resolved the above-mentioned doubts of the leaders of the allies. He not only recognized the seriousness of Xi Jinping’s threat, but also realized its urgency and significance. In fact, without this common understanding, it would be difficult for the United States and its allies to take unprecedented collective action on the issue of the “Belt and Road.” It is easier to reach a consensus decision to donate vaccines to control the Chinese virus epidemic to poor countries. However, to jointly fight Xi Jinping’s One Belt One Road requires not only a higher consensus, but also a politically more difficult commitment. But this is exactly what Biden urgently needs to promote America’s large-scale infrastructure.

Can Biden’s historic trip to Europe effectively curb the Chinese threat? It is still impossible to judge, but Xi Jinping is helping Biden to establish a positive historical image and status, which is certain.

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