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AMC reaches + 3,000% YTD, for ceo Morgan Stanley the stock meme frenzy is ‘recipe for disaster’

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The daily traders’ rush to grab stock memes never stops. AMC Entertainment Holdings remains at the center of attention these days, which today marks another + 11% with prices reaching $ 64.71, with a jump from the beginning of the year of over 3,000%. Gamestop instead pays duty, the protagonist of the first wave of short squeeze at the beginning of the year, which today marks -6% at $ 215 (its YTD balance is + 1,150%.

The stock meme frenzy of retail traders spoke yesterday, the president and CEO of Morgan Stanley, Jamen Gorman, speaking at CNBC’s “Closing Bell”.

“People who invest in the market and learn the lessons of the market for better or for worse at a relatively young age is good because it helps them strengthen themselves to be long-term investors, which is ultimately how you make money,” he said. remarked the ceo of Morgan Stanley, who adds: “I am obviously worried when I see a stock that is + 1,200% since the beginning of the year. I mean, this is a recipe for disaster at some point, maybe it never happens and it defies reality but I wouldn’t want to invest at the level I am at and that’s just my personal vision. It’s just that, I don’t think it’s healthy, I don’t want people to expect stocks to just go up. ”

“What’s happening with SPACs, with cryptocurrencies, with meme stocks, etc. they are all evidence of a kind of rush of exuberance. But there is a very solid market underneath and it is supported by a very solid economic recovery, ”says Gorman.

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