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Ansaldo Energia, workers in the march

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Ansaldo Energia, workers in the march

Uilm, said Apa, «is aware that only a serious fight can win the current game; Thinking of extreme struggles, such as the occupation of the company, risks blowing up the company, therefore we will work hard, at all tables, arguing that Ansaldo Energia’s problems derive from poor organizational and governance management. And the chain that follows the production cycle must be strengthened and revised ».

According to Apa, «from 2020 to today nothing has changed and the problems have not been resolved. We are not against renewables or against nuclear power, therefore it is necessary to strengthen the current industrial structure ».

In September, concluded Apa, “we will begin a strong joint mobilization asking for the consent of the institutions, political forces and the city to win this match as there are 2,400 direct Ansaldo Energia and 4 thousand related companies at stake”.

The Region will convene a table

The Liguria Region. said Governor Giovanni Toti, “he is closely monitoring the situation and is in constant contact with the top management of Ansaldo Energia: we will convene at the right time a discussion table between social partners, management and shareholder to guarantee a future for a large asset, not only of Liguria but of the whole country “.

It is, continued Toti, «a company that represents an excellence of the territory, not only in its business of gas turbines but also for the development prospects linked to new green energies. Now, above all, it is necessary to ensure that the tension does not exceed the limits and that all the parties are able to establish a constructive confrontation ».

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