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Are AirPods Pro 2 worth buying? Conscience gives you buying advice! _Apple_earbuds_Watch

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Are AirPods Pro 2 worth buying? Conscience gives you buying advice!  _Apple_earbuds_Watch

Originally Answered: Are AirPods Pro 2 worth buying? Conscience gives you buying advice!

Sentence | Akemi Mugen

Nearly three years after the release of the first generation, AirPods Pro 2 has arrived in everyone’s hands one after another. Many people have noticed that the second generation of AirPods Pro has added a pair of extra-small earbuds.

Ever wonder why Apple puts so much effort into earbuds? This little thought Apple not only spent, but also gave an explanation. The right-sized earbuds can get a better noise-cancelling experience, and your music will have a fuller bass. Sounds a bit mystical.

Apple also said that the earplugs of the AirPods Pro series are designed according to the corresponding products. The earplugs of the original AirPods Pro have a denser mesh, which may bring some acoustic differences if used on the AirPods Pro 2. Simply put, the two generations of earbuds are not compatible.

The first and second generation earplugs are purchased separately for 59 yuan. It seems that Apple has no intention of “grabbing” money this time.

However, it should be noted that although Apple said that the two generations of earplugs are not compatible, in fact, the structure of the connection between the two generations of earplugs is exactly the same, which means that they are still compatible in a physical sense.

Therefore, in the event of loss of earplugs, users can theoretically still use the earplugs of the original AirPods Pro in an emergency.

Of course, if you lose the newly added XS earbuds, you really have to buy a new one.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that Mingmei Infinite has released the first firmware update for the second generation of the AirPods Pro just released, the version number is 5A377. Although the new additions are still not clearly indicated, the connection stability has been enhanced. It is reported that the new AirPods still adopts the “automatic update” scheme, and users cannot freely choose.

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In Apple’s autumn new product launch, the most anticipated smart hardware should be the new AirPods Pro. After all, after many years, there should be a substantial update. But what is a little disappointing is that not only did there not change much in the shape design, but even the LE Audio mentioned above failed to make an appointment as scheduled. It has to be said that since the launch of the AirPods series, its sound quality performance has always been the biggest topic of debate. Some people say that this “plain water” style tuning is just right for various music genres and is the best solution for ordinary consumers. scheme, but music lovers don’t think so.

In addition, today Mingmei Infinite wants to mention by the way that Apple’s iOS16 code has already appeared reference materials supporting LC3 codec and LE audio, and it is expected to bring LE audio support in the future. It is worth mentioning that a senior engineer at Apple can also confirm that they are actively participating in this new standard.

With LC3 support, Apple will be able to get rid of the out-of-sync AirPods when they are on the user’s ear, and improve battery life with a low-energy standard while focusing on efficiency and stability.

Of course, it’s unclear when Apple will actually implement this feature. For example, although the new Apple TV 4K can support 120Hz refresh rate, Apple has not implemented this feature, which is the same reason.

In addition, according to the current evaluation results, many evaluation agencies have given evaluations that the noise reduction is very powerful and the sound quality is slightly improved. The specific performance is that the noise reduction has stronger low-frequency noise reduction capability than the previous generation, and the low-frequency effect is stronger in terms of sound quality, and the entire sound field is also wider, which is an upgrade with strong perception. However, I don’t know whether Apple will weaken the noise reduction performance through firmware updates in the future. After all, the noise reduction effect of the AirPods Pro is also invincible all over the world.

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In terms of battery life, the AirPods Pro 2 with the charging case can provide up to 30 hours of battery life in a single time, an increase of 6 hours compared to the previous generation. In the case of single use, it can last for a full 6 hours, which is still when the active noise reduction is turned on. AirPods Pro 2 also supports MagSafe wireless charging and Apple Watch chargers, but unfortunately the charging interface is still a Lightning interface, not a Type-C interface.

It can be said that this generation of AirPods Pro 2 has received all-round upgrades. Compared with the painless iteration of the iPhone 14 series, AirPods Pro 2 is the most worthwhile Apple product to buy this year. At present, if you participate in Apple’s back-to-school season activities, you can get AirPods Pro 2 at an additional price of 900 yuan when purchasing iPad and Mac products. It has to be said that it is still extremely cost-effective.

Also, in addition to the AirPods Pro that has been officially released, there is also news mentioning the update information of Apple’s MacBook series.

According to the revelations, Apple may bring product updates to the MacBook Pro series in the fourth quarter of this year, and this time it will bring 14-inch and 16-inch products.

Past news shows that these new products may be equipped with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips.

It is said that the two upcoming M2 series chips may also be based on the 5nm process technology, but have improved performance over the M1 Pro and M1 Max in the current 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. It is expected that Apple will switch from TSMC’s standard 5nm process “N5” to a more advanced 5nm process “N5P”.

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At the same time, the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips will also have an increase in the number of GPU cores and RAM.

Finally, a purchase recommendation,Even if you already have the first generation of AirPods Pro, but it has been used for a long time and the battery has decayed, the second generation of AirPods Pro is still worth buying.If you have any questions about the second generation of AirPods Pro, you are welcome to ask them in the comment area, and I will try to answer them one by one.

So, if you have anything else to say about Apple’s just-released AirPods Pro 2, you may leave a message in the comment area and let Mingmei participate in the discussion together!Return to Sohu, see more


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