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Bad weather: new water bomb over Italy, storm in Cagliari

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Bad weather: new water bomb over Italy, storm in Cagliari

Storm in Cagliari: the incessant rain and gusts of wind created many inconveniences in the Sardinian capital on the afternoon of 11 August. In the city center there were small floods and problems related to garbage bins moved by the wind. The most critical situation was recorded in the Pirri area where the roads, as always happens, were flooded. The water level reached the car doors and flooded basements and garages.

Hundreds of requests for help within minutes. Dozens of ambulances and firefighters’ vehicles darting to bring help.

Municipal police officers and firefighters are intervening on the spot. At the moment there are no particular damages. Given today’s weather alert, the Municipality has ordered the closure of all the parks which, subject to changes, will reopen, starting tomorrow. Flooding in Assemini (metropolitan city of Cagliari), where the central via Cagliari was submerged by a river of water and mud.

The Marches ask for a state of emergency

In the summer of drought and bad weather, requests for a state of emergency from the regions multiply. After Lombardy and Campania, now the Marche Region has also forwarded to the National Department of Civil Protection the request for the declaration of a state of emergency for the entire regional territory following the water crisis that is affecting the region, also in anticipation of a rapid worsening of the situation due to the scarcity of rainfall expected in the coming weeks.

This is how a procedure that was started last month and communicated to the National Civil Protection with an official note dated 8 July is now complete. The request is accompanied by all the documentation drawn up by the Environment and Water Resources Directorate and the Civil Protection and Safety Directorate of the regional territory which also incorporates the reports requested by the Municipalities and ATOs on the actual criticalities present in the territory. In particular, both the Municipalities and the ATOs highlighted the expenses and interventions put in place to deal with the water crisis. There is talk of about 700 thousand euros of extraordinary expenses by the Municipalities and of about 5.5 million euros by the ATOs, in addition to about 10 million euros, again by the latter, to be allocated to structural interventions in perspective .

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