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Buy all the ice cream in the canteen and guess how much I spent? – Viewpoint · Observation – cnBeta.COM

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Buy all the ice cream in the canteen and guess how much I spent?  – Viewpoint · Observation – cnBeta.COM

The struggle between the Ice Cream Assassin and the Ice Cream Guard intensifies, which side is the freezer dominant? In order to investigate, we bought an entire freezer of ice cream in a canteen. How many times will it be “counted”?The actual total price of these ice creams is1895Yuan, there are a total of339products, including35Ice cream, popsicles, ice cream.


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The products with the largest number are below 4 yuan, with a total of 131 pieces, accounting for 38.6% of the total quantity, and a total of 298 yuan, accounting for 15.7% of the total price.The second most are products of 4-6 yuan, a total of 117 pieces, accounting for the total number of34.5% , a total of 548 yuan, accounting for 28.9% of the total price.The third most are products of 7-10 yuan, a total of 58 pieces, accounting for the total number of17.1 % , a total of 538 yuan, accounting for 28.4% of the total price.The relatively least is the product with more than 10 yuan, a total of 33 pieces, accounting for the total number of9.7% a total of 511 yuan, accounting for 27% of the total price.

Products with more than 6 yuan in the entire freezer occupy less than30% of which less than 10% of the products are more than 10 yuan. In terms of price, the proportion of ice cream assassins is not high.

However, there is a kind of ice cream assassin. It looks ordinary in appearance, but the actual price is surprising. Is there such an assassin in the one we bought?

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Look at the packaging and guess the price

We did a set of tests: Pick 12 products in the freezer and ask 15 colleagues to guess the price by looking at the packaging.

Among the 12 ice creams, the one that can stab colleagues the most at this point in time is the high-end series of CholesQi Hyun especially the small waist, its price is12 yuan . The price guessed by 14 people is lower than the actual price. Most people mistakenly think that it is a cheap ice cream when they see the three words “Choletz”.

RareIt is another big assassin in this test, and its price is 8 yuan. 9 people guessed the price was lower than the actual price because of its mediocre packaging.

Nestle Flying FishIt is the most overrated product among the 12 models, and its price is 5 yuan.because it’s novelLychee Rice Wine Osmanthus FlavorAnd the antique packaging, 11 people guess the price is higher than the actual.

The ice cream packaged in the carton is the object of the vigilance of colleagues. “I ate a “mustard”” , its price is 9 yuan. Nine people guessed that the price was higher than it actually was.

Zhong Xue Gao Sea Salt Coconut Coconut, its price is18 yuan although it is expensive, 11 out of 15 people can accurately name its price.

Zhong Xue Gao Yangmei milk ice flavor , its price is 14 yuan, and none of the 15 people guessed the price lower than the actual price.It seems that after the hot spot of “ice cream assassin” continues to ferment, Zhong Xuegaohigh priceThis concept has already impressed our colleagues.

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But the most important thing about ice cream is whether it tastes good or not. If we don’t look at the packaging and only guess the price based on the taste, what will happen?

blind eating test

We picked 11 products for these 15 colleagues to do blind eating test This test took place before looking at the packaging to guess the price, so the colleagues involved had no idea what ice cream was in it at the time.

The aforementioned “Ice Cream Assassin” in a mediocre packagingQiao Lezi Qi dazzling small waistand stabbed colleagues again in this link, and all 15 people who participated in the test underestimated its price;

The same situation also occursZhong Xue Gao velvet cocoa 15 people also all underestimated its price.

Zhong Xuegao Yangmei Milk Ice also stabbed 14 people in this session, and only one guessed the price.

And the ice factory is full of grapes, we would like to call it “Ice Cream Friends” only 1 person guessed it, and the remaining 14 people overestimated its price.

Taste Score

We also asked everyone to give each ice cream a taste score.

Among the 12 models, Zhong Xue Gao Velvet Cocoa has the highest average taste score, and won 3 people’s Highest score in the game ;second , get the highest score of 4 players.And our “ice cream friend” ice factory is full of grapes, and the taste is averagetied for second and won the highest score of the 6 players.

As for the lowest score, it isMonron Truffle ChocolateandChocolate Brilliant Belgian Chocolatethey are not cheap, but they got the lowest score of 7 people respectively. Although some people expressed their “favorites” to them, we still have to remind everyone to be cautious.

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