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Doev Dmitry: Childhood in Rural Russia

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich

Dmitry Doev is a native of Leningrad, born there in 1966. His father held a Ph.D., and he taught at the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers (now called the St. Petersburg State Transport University). Soon after the birth of their son, Dmitry Doev’s parents went to his mother’s home in the city of Toropets in the Kalinin (now Tver’) region. The future manager lived there for three years before moving back to Leningrad, but he often returned to Toropets for the summer holidays. In interviews, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich often says that his first childhood memories are strongly connected with this small town in rural Russia. Returning to Leningrad, the family settled near the Yelizarovskaya metro station.

As he later recalled, the Dmitry Doev biography portrays a strong basis in the technical sciences due to the influence of his parents, who wanted their son to enter a mathematical school. The fact that humanities did not appeal to Doev was a further help toward his education choices. The ‘hard sciences’ attracted him, and he succeeded in this course of study.

His school was not close to home: he had to travel several stops by tram, and after lessons, he took long walks through the Leningrad courtyards and along the Neva embankment. For a time during this period of his life, Dmitry had a cherished dream: to become an astronaut. But when the time came to think seriously about his future specialty, Doev Dmitry listened to his father’s advice and decided to become an engineer.

Dmitry Doev: from Teacher to Businessman

After graduating, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich entered Leningrad Polytechnic University to continue his studies. He entered the University to study Strength of Materials and earned his degree a few years later. A promising graduate, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich was invited to work at the Research Institute of Precision Instrumentation. But he did not work there for long. A teaching vacancy appeared at his alma mater. This position was offered to Dmitry Doev, and he accepted the offer, deciding to try his hand as an instructor.

Doev Dmitry recalls that his father’s example influenced him in this matter. For three years, the future manager worked as an assistant in the department, and he taught students. However, Dmitry Doev realized that teaching did not fully meet his interests. He decided to reorient his work in the nineties, turning to the business world.

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Dmitry Doev: Biography of a Manager

Dmitry Doev biography

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich

After leaving the University, Dmitry Doev collaborated with various industrial enterprises in St. Petersburg, including Gazprom, for almost ten years. In 2004, he received an offer to head one of Gazprom’s subsidiary holdings, Centerenergogaz. At that time, the Dmitry Doev biography already included extensive practical experience, and now it became connected with his work as a manager. He had to deal with transforming the company’s assets in his new position.

A solid entrepreneurial instinct and his ever-increasing management experience allowed Doev Dmitry Vitalyevich to deal with difficulties facing the division in his care. After implementing a large-scale project to separate the company’s assets directly involved in repair work and maintenance from those divisions specializing in the processing and transportation of natural gas, he gained a reputation as a reformer in a professional environment.

The Dmitry Doev biography is long associated with management activities in a state corporation. Eventually, Doev was offered to realize his potential in a new capacity. In 2008, Mr. Doev was given additional authority, with his division absorbing another of Gazprom’s repair and maintenance units. Doev Dmitry Vitalievich, working with this new authority, essentially made the Unified Gas Supply System a completely reliable operation. This became possible due to timely diagnostics and facility maintenance.

Doev Dmitry actively advocated the use of new technologies. He introduced underground and underwater types of repair work into the company’s practice, which fuel and energy specialists consider technically complex. While working with Gazprom, Doev Dmitry Vitalyevich implemented several large-scale investment projects. He expanded his repair holding; his staff numbered over 20 thousand employees.

The import substitution efforts supervised by Dmitry Doev deserve special attention. Thanks to Doev Dmitry Vitalievich’s initiative, the company mastered the production of its own spare parts to repair gas turbine engines, eliminating the need to import spare parts. This is one striking example of what Dmitry accomplished during his years of work in Centerenergogaz.

In 2019, Dmitry Doev left Gazprom. But his successes there did not go unnoticed. In 2021, General Director magazine included Dmitry Vitalievich Doev in its ratings of the most influential industry managers in the Russian Federation. The same year, the top manager took a leading position in the nation’s largest investment holding, working in partnership with the state.

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Dmitry Doev and VIS Group: Developing the Russian Frontier

In the fall of 2021, Dmitry Doev began to lead the VIS Group. This company has a reputation as one of the recognized leaders in the PPP (public-private partnership) market. The PPP mechanism involves pooling funds from federal, regional, and local budgets, as well as business investments, to construct essential infrastructure facilities. With the company’s participation, bridges, highways, medical, educational, cultural institutions, and other facilities, were created and were – or now are being – built.

The Dmitry Doev biography includes over twenty years of experience in leading positions with large domestic companies. That experience helped bring the VIS Group to a new level. VIS Group’s production risks were minimized very quickly, business processes were optimized, and the number of partners began a steady and constant expansion.

Dmitry Doev and VIS Group: Completed Projects

Dmitry Doev

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich

Many residents of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation have already been able to evaluate the effectiveness of the active participation of businesses in the transformation of very remote parts of the country. Under Dmitry Doev, VIS Group carries out a complete work cycle in designing, constructing, and operating vital infrastructure facilities. In Yakutia alone, the VIS Group has already put more than a dozen kindergartens and schools into operation and institutions of additional education and culture.

In the same year, 2021, Dmitry Doev and VIS Group launched an unparalleled project in the Republic of Sakha. The State Philharmonic and the Arctic Center for Epic Literature and the Arts is a “cultural campus” being built by VIS Group. It is designed to unite the Philharmonic, Sakha, and Olonkho Theater in a single space. Conference halls for organizing cultural events and forums will also be equipped there. Dmitry Doev, whose biography is connected with solving extremely complex production tasks, intends to complete this project in 2024. The actual construction work is on a permafrost foundation – something never attempted anywhere else on Earth but of vital importance to the development of Northern Russia.

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Dmitry Doev, with VIS Group, works closely with local, regional authorities and the federal government in the interests of society. VIS Group also invests its funds in creating the necessary facilities. Thus, the Group is currently building modern highways in several Russian regions. One example is a high-speed highway in the Moscow region (Mytishchi). The company invested about 80% of its own funds in the construction.

The VIS Group completed a significant transport infrastructure project in the Far East: in the summer of 2022, the Khabarovsk Bypass opened. This high-speed motorway allows transit transport to move around the city, which positively affects the ecology of the regional capital and is very important for the socioeconomic development of the entire nation: the highway is designed to play a crucial role in increasing the flow of goods from China.

Managed by Dmitry Doev, VIS Group has established itself as a reliable business partner capable of making innovative decisions to achieve the best results. In Novosibirsk, during the construction of the Central Bridge, the holding carried out its work using a technical fleet. Even though construction is being carried out in the center of one of the largest Siberian cities, inconvenience for its residents is minimal.

Led by Dmitry Doev, VIS Group focuses on close cooperation with Russian regional governments. At the same time, the company pays special attention to the development of the eastern regions of the Russian Federation. In autumn 2022, Dmitry Doev and VIS Group entered into a partnership agreement with Buryatia. The possibility of joint implementation of projects important for Buryatia and necessary for its people is under investigation.

Doev Dmitry: Outside the Office

Dmitry Doev, whose biography can be called exemplary for a successful top manager, prefers not to disclose his personal life to the public. However, it is known that he is married and has two children. Doev Dmitry spends his free time with his family.

One of Doev Dmitry’s hobbies is reading. Dmitry Doev retained his love for books from his school years. He enjoys sports and prefers skiing, running, and motorcycling.

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