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Gome retail enters the era of high growth, “full retail ecological sharing platform” super battleship set sail_Strategy

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Original title: Gome retail enters the era of high growth, “full retail ecological sharing platform” super battleship set sail

Looking back on the entire October, Gome retail has made big moves frequently, and the heavy benefits continue to be released!

On October 11, Gome Retail announced the hosting of 5 high-quality asset companies including “Gome Home, Shared Co-construction, Dressing Home, Anxun Logistics, and Gome Cellars”. While charging service fees from the five companies, it will also have rights in the future Receive a 10% share award at a consideration of zero yuan, as well as preferential share options for up to 30% of the shares and pre-emptive rights for the remaining shares.

The launch of a series of actions is seen as a key step for Gome towards a new retail format with full links, full scenarios, full models, and full services-full retail ecological sharing. And at the media exchange meeting, Gome also proposed six platform architectures, which are: online, offline, supply chain, logistics, big data/cloud, and shared co-construction platform. After the news came out, the outside world generally predicted that this will bring a 100 billion valuation increase for Gome. On the same day, the share price of Gome Retail (0493.HK) rose by 8.86%, an intraday increase of more than 10%.

A few days later, Gome adjusted and upgraded its organizational structure, and made new appointments for the six major platforms, including the personnel deployment of the five companies mentioned above. The adjustment of the organizational structure and the establishment of high-level management are important steps for Gome to promote the implementation of its strategy. It can also give a glimpse of Gome’s deployment and steady progress.

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Since entering the second phase of the “Home·Life” strategy, Gome has used six platforms as the “driving engine” to lay the foundation for the establishment of a shared platform for the entire retail ecosystem. Among them, in the overall retail ecological sharing platform strategy, the most important position is the “online and offline platform”. Gome positions it as: complementary integration of all scenes, omni-channel upgrades, and fully satisfying users’ “online to store to home” Demand for one-stop convenient services.

As early as the first half of 2021, Gome’s more than 4,000 offline stores across the country have all achieved the “one store, one page” overall “cloud” translation, seamlessly connecting with the online “True Happiness” platform. On the other hand, online “really happy” is also continuing to change and upgrade. On October 21, the “True Happiness” APP revision trial operation conference was held. The newly appointed head of Gome True Happiness Company Ding Wei attended and announced that “True Happiness” has entered the 2.0 era. This series of actions marked the full speed of the construction of Gome’s full retail ecological sharing platform.

According to the “2021 China Top 500 Private Enterprises List” published earlier, Gome ranked 12th with an operating income of 310.5 billion yuan, far surpassing Suning. Under the competitive landscape surrounded by giants, Gome’s achievements not only indicate that the fundamentals of Gome’s retail are changing, but also its strength to build a full retail ecological sharing platform.

As the climate of Gome’s entire retail ecosystem has gradually taken shape, coupled with the country’s favorable policies to encourage the real economy, the direction of Gome’s strategic transformation has become clearer and more confident. Regardless of the continuous implementation of the “home·life” strategy or the steady construction of the full retail ecological sharing platform, Gome, which was once at a low valuation, is ushering in new opportunities. The giant retail fleet of Gome is expected to ride the wind and waves and usher in a new high. The age of growth.Return to Sohu to see more

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