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HUAWEI nova 10 SE releases exclusive rights and benefits package surprises-Qianlong.com.cn

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HUAWEI nova 10 SE releases exclusive rights and benefits package surprises-Qianlong.com.cn

On December 9, 2022, Huawei’s winter full-scene new product launch conference released a variety of cool new products. Huawei nova 10 SE, a new member of the Huawei nova 10 series, is officially released, focusing on the needs of young users. Through the stylish and advanced design language and solid imaging capabilities, it creates a “high-value 100-megapixel straight-screen mobile phone”, once again leading the trend of mobile imaging At the same time, it also brings a super-valued privilege package to new phone users.

This time, Huawei nova 10 SE new machine users have a variety of exclusive gift packages, including: free 3-month HUAWEI cloud space silver card membership, HUAWEI Sports Healthy Vitality Life membership 1 yuan privilege for the first month of consecutive monthly subscriptions, and free 31-day super music VIP And 31 days of listening to books VIP, free 1-month Huawei film and television membership, free 31-day Huawei reading VIP privilege, free 7-day Huawei theme VIP privilege and 30% off theme coupons, free 500MB overseas Internet traffic, free Huawei Wallet 60 yuan full discount coupon, Huawei Card consumer pen pen cashback, free mobile phone transportation card that can travel to more than 300 cities, 20% discount on extended service treasure within 30 days of purchase, selected popular apps and game gift packages (specific benefits are listed in page display shall prevail).

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As a leader in the wearable industry, Huawei has never stopped exploring and pursuing technological innovation. The conference also brought a new type of earphone watch-Huawei WATCH Buds, bringing users a more convenient experience. Huawei Music provides a new user gift package worth 100 yuan for users who purchase Huawei WATCH Buds. In the first month, you can open a super music VIP and listening to books VIP for 0 yuan. , Diversified high-quality listening experience. There will be a music rights card in the product box, and you can get it by scanning the QR code on the card.

For the above surprise gift packs, just register for a HUAWEI account, enter the “My Huawei” app, and click on the new machine rights to claim it immediately! Through the wonderful and diverse exclusive benefit packs, you can explore convenient life with Huawei’s new products in all scenarios, and open a new era of digital life.

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