Home Business In hot weather, electricity consumption in many places has risen, and nearly 25 million sets of high-energy-consumption air conditioners need to be replaced every year

In hot weather, electricity consumption in many places has risen, and nearly 25 million sets of high-energy-consumption air conditioners need to be replaced every year

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Original title: In hot weather, electricity consumption in many places has risen, and nearly 25 million sets of high-energy-consumption air conditioners need to be replaced every year

Beijing, August 15th, from China Central Broadcasting Network (Central Radio reporter Guan Xin) Since the beginning of summer this year, there have been many high-temperature days in my country, a wide coverage area, and the highest temperature in many places has broken historical extremes. The weather is hot and the air conditioner keeps running. Many netizens have posted their electricity bills for the last month on social platforms, calling the thousands of yuan of electricity bills “can’t hurt”.

The hot weather also drove the sales of air conditioners, and the sales volume of the air conditioner market increased significantly in July and August. The upgrade of green energy-saving standards and the introduction of old-for-new policies will release the potential of the air-conditioning market?

The reporter visited some cities in Anhui and found that due to multiple factors such as high temperature weather, the air conditioner market was booming in July and August, and low-energy air conditioners occupied the C position in the market. In an electrical appliance store in Tongling, Anhui, Mr. Fan was buying a new air conditioner for his home. He said: “The two (air conditioners) run continuously during the day and night. This time the (electricity fee) paid is more than 900 yuan, which is too expensive! The first-level inverter needs to save a little electricity, and we want to save it.”

Wang Shuai, a manager of the air-conditioning department of a shopping mall, said that since the beginning of the summer, he has exceeded the sales task every month. Many consumers have already installed central air conditioners in their homes, and then come to buy on-hook, and some consumers temporarily decide to replace the old air conditioners in their homes. Wang Shuai said: “In July, (the task) was one hundred million (ten thousand) and finally more than 1.6 million was completed, which is a very big improvement. When it was less than half a month in August, we had already completed it.”

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Since June this year, the sales volume of air conditioners in this mall has increased by 200% year-on-year, and the growth of low-end air conditioners is more obvious. Tenants and rural elderly are the main force of purchase.

The scene of hot air conditioner sales has appeared in many home appliance shopping malls across the country. In the air-conditioning monopoly area of ​​an electrical appliance mall in the center of Anyang, Henan, the reporter saw that various air-conditioning brands are focusing on “energy consumption, intelligence, and green”. Feng Baoming, head of an electrical and air conditioning department in Anyang, said: “For this peak sales season, there are many activities in our store, such as trade-in, and some subsidy coupons, which are more favorable. The average passenger flow is about 1,000 a day. Usually higher.”

In addition to being affected by high temperature weather, the air-conditioning market is booming, but also benefited from the issuance of consumer coupons for household appliances by local governments and various promotional activities carried out by businesses. Wu Fang, customer service manager of a large supermarket in Tongling, Anhui, also told reporters: “The sales of inverter air conditioners account for 100%, and the sales of inverter first-class energy-efficiency air conditioners account for more than 80%.”

Gao Kun, deputy general manager of Beijing Suning.com, told Voice of China that from the sales data of Suning across the country, the sales of air conditioners in July and August increased significantly both month-on-month and year-on-year. Among them, energy-saving air conditioners with the energy efficiency standard above the second level are the first choice of consumers. Gao Kun introduced: “Take an ordinary 1.5-horsepower on-hook as an example, an air conditioner with energy consumption of three levels or above, and an air conditioner with a new level of energy efficiency, the electricity bill can be saved by more than 1/3 compared to the original one in a summer. Now there are also many subsidy policies for green energy conservation introduced in various places.”

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Recently, the state has frequently introduced policies to promote the consumption of green household appliances. On July 28, 13 departments including the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the “Notice on Several Measures to Promote Green Smart Home Appliance Consumption” to encourage trade-in and green smart home appliances to go to the countryside; The notice of the action plan for the high-quality development of the home furnishing industry also mentioned green transformation and the promotion of green smart home products to the countryside.

Gao Kun said that at present, in Beijing, Jiangsu, Henan and other places, the amount of home appliance subsidies is relatively high and the intensity is relatively large. With the implementation of more policies to promote the consumption of green and smart home appliances, the pace of replacement of home appliances is accelerating. “Promote the replacement of old electrical appliances with new ones as soon as possible, and at the same time improve energy efficiency and eliminate the original high-energy-consuming electrical appliances. Residents living in the Beijing area can receive green energy-saving consumption coupons. The coupon package is 1,500 yuan, of which the maximum subsidy can be 400 yuan, the Jiangsu area is directly subsidizing 10% on the basis of the retail price.”

Industry insiders told reporters that due to various factors, the industry initially did not reserve enough inventory to cope with the explosive demand in this round of peak season, and there was a shortage of stocks in the industry during the peak season, and even after purchasing an air conditioner, it was scheduled to be installed 10 days later.

Guo Chibing, vice chairman of the presidium of the China Household Appliances Service and Repair Association, said that since the beginning of this year, the sales of the national air-conditioning industry have shown a trend of “first decline and then increase”. Guo Chibing introduced: “The situation in the first quarter was not very good compared with previous years. From May to June in the second quarter, the state began to introduce policies such as trade-in and home appliances to the countryside, and sales recovered. Especially in July and August , air conditioners (sales) have increased rapidly.”

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The analysis reports provided by a number of well-known air-conditioning brands to Voice of China show that, based on the current market situation, “trade-in” is becoming the mainstream, speeding up the elimination of overdue home appliances, high-energy-consuming home appliances, and vigorously promoting green and smart home appliances will be a sustainable trend in the future. . In addition, high-end, intelligent, and integrated has also become a trend for consumers to buy home appliances.

In an interview with the media, the person in charge of the home appliance business department of a research institution said that the air conditioners on the market basically meet the first- and second-level energy efficiency standards. This time, the government’s stimulus policy focuses more on air-conditioning replacement. Some old-fashioned and high-energy-consumption air conditioners will be replaced at a faster pace under the favorable policy. Judging from the current air conditioner ownership and historical purchases, there are nearly 25 million replacement units per year, and this data will expand every year in the future.

Guo Chibing told reporters that the life cycle of air conditioners is generally 10 years. With the upgrading of green energy-saving standards, air conditioners produced five years ago no longer meet the latest green energy-saving standards. With the advent of the “dual carbon” era, under the influence of multiple rounds of policies to promote the consumption of green and smart home appliances, more and more families will choose to upgrade their home appliances. Guo Chibing said: “According to the situation this year, there may be certain expectations for the production and sales of air conditioners next year. From now on, there will be a new round of relatively optimistic growth in green smart home appliances.”Return to Sohu, see more


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