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Leasing a Hyundai Kona Electric: The best offer

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Leasing a Hyundai Kona Electric: The best offer

There is currently a cheap leasing offer for the Hyundai Kona Electric. PR/Business Insider

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The Hyundai Kona Electro was one of the most popular electric cars of last year. And the electric SUV will continue to be very popular in 2023. That’s how he became according to the Federal Motor Transport Authority up to and including November approved more than 10,000 times. No wonder, after all, the stylish Kona meets all the requirements that today’s drivers have. It is comfortable, spacious, stylish and, as an electric car, even more environmentally friendly than conventional cars. If this sounds like the right car for you, we have good news for you: We know where you can now lease the Hyundai Kona Electric at a bargain price.

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Hyundai Kona in private leasing: Here you can get the electric car at the best price

We found it at Null Leasing, where private individuals can lease the elegant electric SUV for just 284.92 euros per month*. The term is 48 months with a mileage of 5,000 kilometers per year. This offer is perfect for people who need a car for everyday life and rarely have to drive long distances.

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What you should know about the leasing offer for the Hyundai Kona

In addition to the monthly rate, the term and the annual mileage, we also want you to know the one-off additional costs point out what you should be prepared for with this deal. This is about the Transfer costs amounting to 1190.00 euros. The registration costs are already included in this payment. The typical one for electric cars BAFA environmental bonus no longer applies with this offer. So you don’t have to pay in advance as usual and then claim the bonus back.

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The leasing conditions for the Hyundai Kona at a glance

We have summarized all the important information about the deal for you here:

Duration: 48 Fun

mileage: 5000 kilometers per year

delivery time: About three months

Transfer costs: one-off 1190.00 euros (including registration)

Special payment: no

Monthly Rate: 284,92 Euro

Leasingfaktor: 0,58

Total cost factor: 0,63

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Hyundai Kona: Is the leasing offer worth it?

Leasing a stylish electric SUV for just under 285.00 euros a month? It is obvious that it is worth it. They also speak for that very good leasing and overall cost factors. As a reminder, these are values ​​that can be used to assess and compare leasing offers. Are these values? like here under onecan usually be from very attractive conditions be assumed.

The only drawback: the annual Mileage is somewhat low at 5000 kilometers. For most other providers, 10,000 kilometers is the standard. But if you only want to use the Kona for short trips in the city, 5000 free kilometers should be more than enough. You just shouldn’t go on long vacation trips with it so you don’t have to pay extra at the end.

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What can the Hyundai Kona do?

So far so good. But is the Hyundai Kona also a good car? Our opinion: Yes, it is. The spacious SUV with electric motor doesn’t just offer a lot Platz for shopping, friends or family, but also 204 PS (150 kilowatts), one Range of 484 kilometers as well as one Top speed of up to 167 km/h. We have summarized more about the Kona for you here:

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List price49.550,01 EuroDrive:ElectricCircuit:AutomaticPerfomance:204 PS (150 Kilowatts)Maximum speed:Up to 167 km/hRange:305 KilometerPower consumption:Combined 14.7 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometersCO2 emissions:Combined 0 grams per kilometer Furnishing:On-board computer, highway assistant, emergency brake assistant, cruise control, lane departure warning, smartphone connectivity, parking assistance, and moreDelivery time:About three monthsColor:Blau

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