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Maneuver, rains of amendments (6290 proposals) but it is black smoke with the unions. Landini: “The meeting at the Mef was negative”

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Maneuver, a shower of amendments to the budget law arrives. 6,290 proposals to modify the maneuver presented by the parties in the Budget Committee in the Senate. Specifically, there are 1,108 amendments by Forza Italia, 988 by the Five Star Movement, 865 by the Democratic Party, 976 by the Lega, 785 by FdI and 468 by Italia viva. On the other hand, 210 amendments were presented by the Autonomies, while 890 proposed amendments were received from the mixed group. There are 60 agendas in total.

The meeting with the trade unions

The point today, however, is on the meeting at the Mef with the trade unions. The meeting between the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco and the general secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL, Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri, on the tax reform prepared by the government in the maneuver lasted just under an hour and a half. balance. 8 billion have been allocated on the part of the maneuver destined for the tax authorities. And the government’s position is known and goes in a direction that the unions do not go. “It is a negative opinion,” said the general secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini at the end of the meeting at the Mef, answering those who asked him how the meeting went. The comment by Pierpaolo Bombardieri, secretary general of UIL was of the same tenor: “During the meeting, the minister presented us without a piece of paper the agreement made in the control room, we reconfirmed that those choices are wrong, because the financing in healthcare through the reduction of IRAP, we continue to think that the available resources should be directed to workers and retirees, who suffer from a condition also due to inflation “. And he added: “There is no further meeting planned, and therefore we will make our assessments”.

The maneuver that divides and the many “souls” to please

The unions are asking to concentrate the 8 billion for taxes on payroll and pensions. The 5 Stars defend citizenship income and appeal to other parties to find convergence on immediate refunds of deductions and on the Superbonus. The Democratic Party proposes a coordination of the majority group leaders. The League, on the other hand, is aiming for a summit this week to have “a compact center-right on battles” such as the tax authorities and the recruitment of the police. And in the meantime the senators in Parliament overwhelm the maneuver with thousands of amendments. In this extremely chaotic framework, Prime Minister Mario Draghi tries to secure the budget law and the agreement on tax cuts, seeing the parties of his majority one by one from today. Heads of delegation and group leaders of the Chambers will arrive at the seat of the government, while the leaders will precede the meetings with statements and press conferences to plant their flags on the maneuver but also to highlight the positions in view of the next game, that of the Quirinale. “I hope that Draghi will continue to work for a long time and be Prime Minister,” says Matteo Salvini, joining the chorus of the many who wish the Prime Minister’s stay at Palazzo Chigi. While Giuseppe Conte invites dialogue with everyone, even “with the center-right”, to find the name of Sergio Mattarella’s successor. The “widest possible majority” is also convinced by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, who sees in the Draghi method, listening to the parties before the vote in Parliament on the budget law, the “right” one: “I’m sure – he says – that in the end together we will find an understanding and avoid the assault on the management. “The first to cross the threshold of Palazzo Chigi, respecting the weight of the political forces in Parliament, is the M5S delegation.

Super bonus and income

Meeting «serene and fruitful, says the head of delegation Stefano Patuanelli after an hour in conversation with Draghi and the ministers Daniele Franco and Federico D’Incà. The Movement reaffirms its stakes: via the Isee roof on the villas and less bureaucratic complications for the Superbonus and, above all, no other changes to the Citizenship Income. Even the premier, Patuanelli assures us, “agrees with us, the income is not touched, this is the limit, you cannot go beyond”. The ministers listen, the premier collects support for the “expansive” choices made with the maneuver and does not focus on the changes that will be up to the Senate only, given the compressed times. At Palazzo Madama, the parties – which are measured during the night in the first vote on the tax decree – show up willing to count, even if only 600 million remain to be shared, given that the agreement on the richest pot, that of taxes, has been closed to Mef. Forza Italia, however, will also insist with Draghi, when it is his turn, to ask for at least another two billion to reduce the burden of the tax authorities while the League will attack the Income, to add resources against the expensive bills. A topic actually touched by the whole majority also with the amendments. A thousand of those of Fi, 950 of the 5s, about 800 those of the Democratic Party just to name a few. The Dems will also ask, like Italia Viva, to strengthen interventions against violence against women and to exempt bars and restaurants from taxes for the occupation of public land, to keep the tables outside.

Then we will have to see how to use the ‘treasury’ of the personal income tax, which the first year costs less than the 7 billion assumed at full capacity: for the unions the answer is clear and all the resources must be shifted to “employees and retirees” to give answers «to low incomes, says the CGIL before the meeting with Franco at the Mef. Also because, underlines the secretary of Uil Pierpaolo Bombardieri, “the feeling is that we are in Sherwood forest with Robin Hood in reverse”, which rewards “taxpayers who are between 60 thousand and 200 thousand euros, take between 200 and 300 euros l ‘year’ and ‘forget pensioners, temporary workers, riders, part-time cashiers, logistics workers’. That is, that “36% of employees who are between zero and 15 thousand euros and another 30% of workers who are between 15 and 26 thousand euros”.

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