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Maternity and paternity benefits for freelancers

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Maternity and paternity benefits for freelancers

Maternity and paternity benefits: how it works for freelancers in 2023

In 2023, the maternity and paternity benefits for freelancers have undergone some changes compared to the past. While in the past the self-employed often faced difficulties in obtaining these benefits, today there are some options available to secure more financial protection to self-employed parents. First of all, for those who are enrolled in the separate management of theINPS, the Italian social security institution introduced in 2021 the possibility of requesting maternity and paternity benefits. This means that the self-employed can claim an allowance equal to 100% of the income they have declared to INPS, for a maximum of 5 months.

What is it about

Maternity and paternity allowances for freelancers are financial contributions paid by INPS in favor of self-employed workers and professionals enrolled in the Separate Management of the INPS, who become parents. Maternity benefit is one economic performance provided to female workers who are pregnant and who temporarily cease their professional activity for maternity leave. The duration of the indemnity is five months and it is recognized only to women who have made at least 3 months of contributions to the INPS separate management in the 12 months preceding the expected date of birth. The allowance corresponds to the 80% of the average salaries subject to contributions for the last three years.

The paternity allowance, on the other hand, is an economic benefit in favor of the self-employed fatherwho is entitled to a period of compulsory leave from work for i 7 days following the birth of the child. The paternity allowance is equal to 100% of the worker’s last salary.

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Conditions for requesting compensation

However, there are some conditions to be able to access these benefits. For example, you must have paid the social security contributions for at least 6 months in the year preceding the request, and the request must be submitted within 6 months of the date of birth of the child. Furthermore, for those who are not enrolled in the separate management of INPS, there are some alternatives. For example, some insurance companies offer policies that cover maternity and paternity benefits for freelancers. These policies can be purchased for a monthly or annual fee, and provide an allowance equal to the policyholder’s income for a specified period of time.

In any case, it’s important to keep in mind that maternity and paternity benefits aren’t the only form of financial support available to self-employed parents. For example, there are also the family benefitsas the bonus baby and thefamily allowance, which can provide additional financial support to parents who work as freelancers. In general, tools and applications such as the BeProf application for professionals can be useful for self-employed and freelancers to keep up-to-date on all the news regarding the world of freelancers and to discover the conventions reserved for freelancers only.

How to protect your financial stability

It is important for freelance parents to know their rights and be aware of the options available to them. While self-employed workers have often found it difficult to access maternity and paternity benefits in the past, there are now some alternatives that can provide an important financial protection. Furthermore, it is important that they also consider the long-term monetary planning, in order to ensure greater financial stability for one’s family. For example, creating a emergency fund and long-term investment can provide greater security in the event of the unexpected.

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In summary, in 2023 maternity and paternity benefits for freelancers have become more accessible than in the past. Whether you choose to request the indemnity through INPS or to purchase an insurance policy.

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