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Mid-Autumn Festival gifts have the meaning of “heart”, SF Express protects every reunion_TOM News

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Mid-Autumn Festival gifts have the meaning of “heart”, SF Express protects every reunion_TOM News

The full moon and Mid-Autumn Festival, people look forward to reunion. The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. As one of the most important traditional festivals in my country, it has long been an indispensable ritual to send heartfelt wishes to relatives, friends, or corporate clients. The reunion of people in the full moon is what everyone is looking forward to. However, due to the repeated epidemics in some areas, it is difficult to meet and visit during festivals. Even if we can meet each other, there are often multiple important objects to send at the same time, but we cannot come to the door one by one in person. At this time, a reliable instant delivery platform has become the optimal solution for holiday gift-giving.

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For gift-giving, the most troublesome thing is a well-prepared gift, which is broken, squeezed, and deformed after receiving it. No matter how much thought is spent on the gift, the other party will be disappointed when they receive it. At the same time, gifts not delivered to designated locations and delivery overtime will also make consumers very distressed. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the safe and secure delivery in the first time.

As a leader in third-party instant delivery platforms, SF Express has been taking “professionalism to make delivery more warm” as its mission since its establishment in 2016. It not only ensures the safe delivery of items, but is also committed to “high-end” delivery quality for consumption The “intention” conveyed by the person is escorted.

Mid-Autumn Festival gifts have a

In the management of delivery personnel, SF Express has strict identity verification and professional training for knights. Not only will they pay attention to specifications such as grooming and polite expressions, but also implement professionalism into every detail of the delivery process to avoid bumps and improve the safety of the delivery process.

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In addition, SF Express will also send an exclusive sign-in code to each recipient. The entire delivery process will not end until the knight verifies the sign-in code to ensure that the gift is accurately delivered to the designated person.

When the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, small partners in the same city can directly convey the boxing gift they have prepared to their relatives and friends directly through the SF Express intra-city delivery function. For friends who cannot be reunited with their families far away due to the impact of the epidemic or work factors, the help-buying function of SF Express in the same city can also lock in their favorite gifts to convey their thoughts and greetings to their families. Open the SF Express app or applet, enter the things you want to help buy, and the knights will deliver the gifts to their families as soon as possible. Not only that, users can also watch the rider’s position and status in real time through their mobile phones, and know the first time when the gift is delivered to the family.

At the same time, SF Express also launched a special Mid-Autumn Festival event. From August 26 to September 12, if you place an order through the SF Express APP or mini program, you can participate in the Mid-Autumn Lucky Draw, and you can get a chance to draw a lottery for every order you place. , 100% winning, the prizes include explorer camping tents, 100 yuan Hema fresh card, DuPont paper bags around the brand, free coupons, discount coupons, cash instant discount coupons and other gifts.

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GFLetThe company’s intention is “no discount”

Business gifts are different from personal ones. In addition to the safe delivery of gifts, they are most afraid of missing purchases and missing delivery. Time is tight, purchasing is difficult, and the corporate procurement process is cumbersome. Sometimes it is inevitable that you need to pay in advance to solve it urgently, and then the company’s financial reimbursement review process is even more impressive “big head”.

SF Express provides all-round professional assistance for enterprises. In addition to delivering batches to multiple important customers with one click, Knights can also receive orders very quickly, and provide full-process services from purchase to delivery, and solve urgent needs with one click. , an average of 1 hour delivery to the whole city, in terms of timeliness to a great extent to meet the urgent delivery needs of business people.

In addition, SF Express can also provide one-to-one personal delivery to meet more personalized needs, so that corporate customers can feel more attention from professional knights. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of filling out forms and sticking tickets for reimbursement after business gift giving, SF Intracity also provides the function of monthly settlement and payment for corporate accounts, which helps business people solve the problem of reimbursement from the root.

Mid-Autumn Festival gifts have a

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, SF Express has carefully prepared triple gifts for corporate users who placed orders from 2022.8.26 to 2022.9.10. As a gift, companies will be listed on the list. During the event, companies that reach the specified number of orders can win Midea vacuum cleaners, Supor air fryers and other value-for-money items. Double gifts, discounts for corporate customers in the same city, recharge and cash back during the event, the maximum cash back for a single transaction can reach 21,000 yuan. Triple gift, Dawang monthly settlement, report card number during the event, you can enjoy 15% off for single. Specific event information can be viewed through the SF Express APP or the SF Express Mini Program.

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In addition to providing boxed distribution services for individual users and corporate users, SF Express will also provide full-scenario distribution for merchants in various industries during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Moreover, SF Express, as an independent third-party instant distribution platform, can access multiple platform ecosystems such as takeaway platforms and self-owned mini programs in one-stop, realize multi-entry ordering, and maximize the help merchants in this Mid-Autumn Festival with high-quality and efficient service experience. During the holiday season, sales and word-of-mouth increased in both directions.

Based on full-scenario business coverage and unique third-party industry positioning, SF Express is gradually becoming a ready-to-use infrastructure in the new consumption era. During this Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the knights of SF Express will also continue to stick to their posts, respond quickly, pass on every thought with heart, and bring festive greetings to more people.

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