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Nanhu District focuses on the industry chain to attract big and strong

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Nanhu District focuses on the industry chain to attract big and strong

Release date: 2022-08-22 09:01

Source of information: Nanhu District


On the morning of August 19, the signing ceremony of the photomask material industry chain project with a total investment of 3 billion yuan was held in Zhicufang, Jiaxing Science and Technology City (Nanhu High-tech Zone). Shao Panfeng, Secretary of the District Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nanhu High-tech Zone, Chen Qunwei, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee, District Chief, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Nanhu High-tech Zone, Cao Jiandi, Member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nanhu High-tech Zone, Deputy district head Zhao Yafeng, project leader Dr. Zhang Rujing and his team attended the event. In the morning, Nanhu District also held a major project signing ceremony in Fengqiao Town, and 6 projects were signed.

At the signing ceremony, Shao Panfeng expressed his sincere welcome to Dr. Zhang Rujing and his team for choosing to settle in Nanhu High-tech Zone. Shao Panfeng said that Nanhu District attaches great importance to the development of the microelectronics industry. At present, it has formed its own industrial advantages and laid a solid foundation in industrial development strategy, industrial layout, investment, etc., and welcomes more high-end talents and high-end projects to settle in Nanhu.

Shao Panfeng emphasized that Nanhu District will highlight the word “fast” according to the needs of the project, build factories as soon as possible, speed up project approval and investment, and make this project a typical sample of chip industry attraction, attract more related projects, and continuously extend the industrial chain. Nanhu District will provide a first-class business environment, and make every effort to escort the progress of the project, so that the project can be put into production as soon as possible.

Dr. Zhang Rujing is a senior person in the world semiconductor industry and an outstanding person in China’s semiconductor industry. This time, he led the team to implement the mask material industry chain project in Nanhu High-tech Zone, which will be a great benchmark for the development of Nanhu District’s microelectronics industry. Leading and driving effect.

Zhang Rujing said that with the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, the market demand for photomasks as a key raw material for chips continues to rise. At present, some products of photomask materials are completely dependent on imports, especially photomask protective films. At present, only a few overseas manufacturers are capable of producing them, and the domestic technology in this area is still blank. This project aims to become the leader of upstream materials for photomasks in China and solve the problem of “stuck neck” of domestic semiconductor materials.

It is reported that the total investment of the project is 3 billion yuan, and the first phase investment is 1.1 billion yuan. It will be settled in the Integrated Circuit Industrial Park of Nanhu High-tech Zone, mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacture of products related to the photomask material industry chain. The project is scheduled to start in September this year.

Microelectronics is one of the leading industries in Nanhu District and Nanhu High-tech Zone. In the past two years, around the microelectronics industry chain, Nanhu High-tech Zone has made great efforts in attracting investment in the industry chain, doing articles on extending the chain, supplementing the chain, and strengthening the chain, and constantly attracting upstream and downstream enterprises to gather together to form an industrial cluster. At present, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry have been gathered 241.

At the major project signing ceremony held in Fengqiao Town, Zhejiang Fengqi New Energy Co., Ltd. precision coating lithium battery material industrialization project, Zhejiang Jiamei Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Jiaxing (International) Cold Chain Trade City Project, Jidiantai Energy (Zhejiang) Smart Energy Co., Ltd. has signed contracts for 6 high-quality projects including the energy storage power station project, involving new energy, precision manufacturing, intelligent equipment and other fields. After completion and commissioning, it will effectively promote the high-quality development of Fengqiao Town.

In his speech, Chen Qunwei congratulated the signatories of the six projects. He pointed out that in recent years, Nanhu District has vigorously implemented the innovation-driven development strategy, and is currently accelerating the construction of the Asia-Pacific Road Science and Technology Innovation Belt to build a Phoenix Science and Technology New City oriented to future industrial layout. After the project is signed, Fengqiao Town and relevant departments of the district should provide the best service for the project construction and create the most favorable environment for the development of the enterprise; to speed up the construction and commissioning, the investors should take the initiative to pressurize and connect actively, speed up the progress of the project construction, and strive for an early stage. Start construction, start production early, reach production early, and benefit early; to continue to expand the circle of friends, Fengqiao Town should take this signing as an opportunity to continuously improve the construction of supporting facilities, upgrade the platform’s energy level, and attract more high-quality and high-end equipment manufacturing industries Enterprises come to Fengqiao to settle down and invest in business.

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