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Opinions and Review, Which are the Best?

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Opinions and Review, Which are the Best?

Are you thinking of taking out an investment with i Fidelity Italia funds? Have you heard of this company and want to know more about its products and how it is managed?

You are in the right place, because in this guide we will face one together overview of the funds in questionand we will try to understand what is best to do and when it is convenient to subscribe to them.

Enjoy the reading!

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Who is Fidelity International?

Fidelity International is among the leading fund management companies in the world. For more than 40 years it has been operating on all international financial markets solely within the scope of managed savings.

It offers some investment solutions of excellence both to institutions and private individuals, but also to consultants to help customers build a better future.

The assets they administer and manage stand at a total value of 513.9 billion euros, and they have approximately 2.5 million clients from the areas of Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and South America.

They mainly deal with long-term investmentshelping clients save for their retirement years and other investment goals with different time horizons.

Fidelity’s approach is based on active bottom-up research, which creates a competitive advantage and generates excellent returns for clients.

One of their strengths is to be found in the exclusive research to which portfolio managers have access, and in the field research carried out by analysts.

Best Fidelity Funds

L’fund offer it is really very broad, and it is practically impossible to review all the funds on the Fidelity website.

But we can go and see what Fidelity offers and how they rank their investment funds.

Fidelity ranks its mutual funds in investment solutions for every type of need, dividing them into:

  • Growth: for those whose objective is to build capital or grow assets;
  • Income: for those who expect a high and regular source of income from their investment;
  • Stability: for those looking for an investment with minimal volatility.

These are the three key elements to be taken into consideration when planning one’s investment path, relying on the consultant to determine its weight in the portfolio.

These are the three primary needs of each investor.

The consultant’s task is to identify how much of the income, growth and stability lies in the expectations and needs of each of the clients, then finding the best portfolio component.

Now let’s see which funds Fidelity offers for each of the three customer needs: I will provide you with the list and some basic information for each fund.

funds for growth

Let me introduce you to Fidelity funds for growth:

  • FF – Global Thematic Opportunities Fund: it aims to invest in more long-term market themes, focusing on securities able to benefit from structural and/or secular changes, therefore long-term and non-cyclical, of economic and social factors, such as innovative technologies, factors demographics and climate change;
  • FF Global Dividend Fund: this is an equity solution that adopts a defensive strategy, through investment in solid, stable companies capable of detaching high and growing dividends;
  • FF Sustainable Water & Waste Fund: is an equity fund that aims to identify the most promising companies globally operating in the water and waste management sectors;
  • FF Global Demographics Fund: this is a fund focused on global demographic changes that are changing the world with an impact on companies’ long-term strategies;
  • FF Global Technology Fund: the fund aims to invest in the technological transformation of the world;
  • FF China Consumer Fund: the fund focuses on Chinese who want to turn their dreams into reality and who have the economic resources to do so;
  • FF Future Connectivity Fund: the fund invests in companies that evolve rapidly to connect the world around us;
  • FF China Innovation Fund: The fund aims to capitalize on accelerating innovation in China by identifying undervalued growth opportunities within the environmental, technological and lifestyle innovations that are reshaping Chinese society.

Income funds

Now let’s see instead the Fidelity funds for income:

  • FF Global Multi Asset Income Fund: it aims at generating income flows, on a monthly basis, at controlling volatility and finally at long-term capital growth;
  • FF Asia Pacific Multi Asset Growth & Income Fund: it aims to capture the potential of a diversified allocation to Asian countries with a sustainable level of income in the market cycle;
  • FF Global Income Fund: the fund can invest in all major bond market asset classes globally, and aims to generate a stable and sustainable income, maintaining a high average rating;
  • FF Emerging Market Total Return Debt Fund: the fund invests flexibly in corporate and government debt from emerging markets, in hard currency and in local currency.

stability funds

Finally we can now go and list the Fidelity funds for stability.

  • FF Euro Short Term Bond Fund: it is a bond fund which favors the preservation of capital and limits the rise in interest rates;
  • FF Global Short Duration Income Fund: the fund invests in short-term government and corporate bonds of high creditworthiness, denominated in euro, with a duration of less than 3 years;
  • FF Sustainable Strategic Bond Fund: it is a sustainable portfolio aimed at generating a total return.
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How to choose the fund

L’fund offer it is really very vast, and there are many choices for customers.

So how to choose? To understand which fund can do more for you, you must necessarily consult the KIIDi.e. the summary prospectus which summarizes all the main characteristics of the product in question.

You must also remember that i fondi Fidelity are characterized by risks, and that past performance is not a guide to future results. Furthermore, the funds do not offer any guarantee or protection in terms of return, capital preservation, stability of the net asset value or volatility.

You then need to consider the specific risks of each specific fund, and then only after aaccurate analysis you will be able to reason and try to understand if the product could be right for you and for yours investment strategy.

Other Fidelity Investments

In addition to the funds listed, Fidelity offers the possibility of making a sustainable investment, according to ESG factors, i.e. the topics of the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance. This is an area of ​​constant evolution, and sustainable investing can enhance returns and promote responsible capital allocation.

It also offers i CAP (accumulation plans): from an analysis of the assets of Italian households, it emerged that around 1/3 of the financial assets of Italian households is the most liquid part of household savings.

This means that many Italians have chosen to save, that is not to spend on consumption, without however channeling savings towards investment solutions that could provide interesting returns and returns in the medium/long term.

Fidelity therefore makes available i PAC, or the possibility of subscribing to a financial product by adhering to savings plans, which allow the investment to be spread over several successive payments, and constitute a valid alternative for becoming a conscious investor.

The PAC is accessible to anyone, immediately, and does not require large financial resources. You can start by pouring a small amount on a regular basison a monthly or quarterly basis. It is important to maintain a long-term view, as it makes possible an objective and manages the volatility of the investment, reducing the emotional impact deriving from a possible negative trend in the financial markets.

Fidelity Funds: Opinions on asset management

Now that we have finished our discussion of the funds made available by Fidelity, I can give you my general views on the managed savings.

If you have already read my other articles maybe you already know what I think. I believe that this investment solution is highly appreciated by consultants, as they offer products created ad hoc by themselves or by companies or banks for which they work and with which they are connected.

Fidelity proposes gods mutual fundsand it’s about actively managed fundsor with a manager who has the task of modifying your investment at will, trying to buy and/or sell securities to achieve certain investment objectives.

But this means first of all that i management costs for the fund in question they will be very high, as in the commissions you will have to include the remuneration for the manager, who rightly wants to be remunerated for his work.

Plus you don’t have the full control on your investment, as there is a manager who makes decisions for you.

These types of funds are usually even not very transparent.

I personally prefer i passively managed fundsamong which we can include ETFs, which are usually not very willingly offered by banks and asset management companies, since they do not have profit margins for the companies in question.

ETFs passively track a index of reference, and this makes them transparent. They also have management costs that are much lower than those of mutual funds, as you don’t have to pay any manager.

These are my thoughts on mutual funds in general, and not those of Fidelitywhich are similar to other funds prospected by other management companies.

I cannot give you a clear opinion on this matter, since if you wish to opt for these investments you are free to do so. The important thing is that you read the KIID carefully first and make all the necessary considerations and reasoning.

Plus, if you want, I’ll leave you some resources with which you can train and learn to manage your assets and finances independently, to become independent and make your own decisions.

Good continuation on Affari Miei.

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