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Pioneering and Innovative: General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Instructions for Promoting New Industrialization

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Pioneering and Innovative: General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Instructions for Promoting New Industrialization

Title: Pioneering and Innovative: General Secretary Xi Jinping Calls for Promoting New Industrialization

Date: September 25, 2023

In a recent National Conference on the Promotion of New Industrialization held in Beijing, General Secretary Xi Jinping conveyed important instructions that stress the need to pioneer and innovate, take on responsibilities, and gather powerful forces to promote new industrialization. These instructions provide a clear direction and inspire motivation for the country’s pursuit of Chinese-style modernization and the realization of new industrialization.

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions have been hailed as an action plan and scientific guide for promoting new industrialization in the new era. Participants and individuals from various sectors believe that these instructions are crucial for achieving the goal of comprehensively promoting the construction of a strong country and national rejuvenation.

Wang Weiming, Director of the First Department of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions have greatly inspired us and doubled our motivation.” He emphasized the importance of achieving the new type of equipment by 2035 and focusing on high-end equipment manufacturing. This aim will be supported by the implementation of major projects to provide solid support for promoting new industrialization.

The instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping have also had a profound impact on companies in various industries. Xue Min, Chairman of Shanghai United Imaging Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd., pledged to accelerate breakthroughs in key core technologies in the medical equipment manufacturing sector. Xue Min expressed his determination to achieve complete independent control over core technologies and components, inspired by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s emphasis on promoting new industrialization.

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Zhang Li, president of the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, highlighted the importance of high-quality development in the process of new industrialization. He emphasized the need to implement the new development concept and take a new industrialization path that promotes transformation and optimization. Astonishingly, Lin Chao, a senior engineer from the Fourth Institute of China Railway Construction, mentioned General Secretary Xi Jinping’s proposal to implement the new development concept comprehensively, accurately, and completely. Lin Chao outlined plans to build a “Chinese-style” intelligent survey and design platform, revolutionizing the production model of the industry.

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions have also impacted the energy sector. Wang Hanchao, founder of Ligo New Energy, a manufacturer of power battery management systems, expressed excitement and emphasized the need to extend the industrial chain and enhance competitiveness by accelerating the deployment of energy storage.

Yu Xubo, chairman of China General Technology (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd., emphasized the importance of cooperation to achieve independent control of the industrial chain and supply chain as directed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. In addition, scientific researchers and engineers, such as Zhou Wei from Antelope Industrial Internet Co., Ltd., and Zheng Lei, director of the Sichuan Provincial Communications Administration Bureau, emphasized the importance of innovation, digitalization, and quality development in promoting new industrialization.

The promotion of new industrialization is a comprehensive and systematic project. It requires the collaboration and coordination of various stakeholders. Zhu Aixun, Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, emphasized the need for Jiangsu to prioritize quality and efficiency, independent innovation, and green development to contribute to the road of new industrialization.

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Furthermore, talent plays a crucial role in promoting new industrialization. Wang Yang, a professor at the Internet of Things Research Institute of Shenzhen Vocational and Technical University, emphasized the importance of cultivating high-quality skilled personnel and engineers to respond to new industrial trends and market demands.

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions have set a clear direction and ignited motivation for promoting new industrialization in China. With a focus on innovation, responsibility, and collaboration, China is well on its way to realizing Chinese-style modernization and becoming a global leader in new industrialization.

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