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Yang Zi Opens Up About Appearance Doubts: “I Only Play Stunning Beauties”

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Yang Zi Addresses Appearance Controversy in Recent Interview

Recently, Chinese actress Yang Zi responded to questions about her appearance in an interview, shedding light on the controversy surrounding her external image. Yang Zi, known for her stunning portrayals of beauties on screen, shared her perspective on the matter.

“I have seen and accepted all the doubts about appearance. The funny thing is that I only play the role of stunning beauties, which is quite interesting to think about,” Yang Zi revealed in the interview.

Since her debut, Yang Zi’s external image has been a topic of debate among fans and critics. Born in Beijing on November 6, 1992, she graduated from the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy in 2010 and embarked on a successful career in Mainland China’s film and television industry.

Yang Zi first gained recognition in 2002 for her role in the costume historical emotional drama “The Secret History of Xiaozhuang.” Two years later, she received a nomination for the Outstanding Child Actor Award at the 12th China Film Tongniu Awards for her performance in the youth campus comedy “Girl’s Diary.”

In 2012, Yang Zi won the Newcomer Award at the 14th China Film and Performing Arts Society Golden Phoenix Award for her thriller and suspense film “The Stick Keeper.” She continued to impress audiences with her roles in the youth inspirational idol drama “Flowers Are Not Flowers, Mists Are Not Fog” in 2013 and the modern revolutionary epic drama “Battle of Changsha” in 2014.

Her breakthrough came in 2016 when she starred in the urban workplace women’s drama “Ode to Joy.” This earned her a nomination for the Audience Favorite Actress Award at the 29th China TV Golden Eagle Awards and the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award. The same year, Yang Zi was recognized as one of the “Four Little Actresses born in the 1990s” by Nandu Entertainment Weekly.

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Yang Zi’s popularity continued to soar with the broadcast of the legendary costume drama “Dragon Ball Legend: Infernal Affairs” in 2017 and the costume mythological drama “Sweet Honey as Ashes as Frost” in 2018, which won the national TV drama ratings championship for the same time period.

2019 was a successful year for Yang Zi as she starred in the youth inspirational romance drama “Dear, Beloved,” which garnered significant attention. Her performance in the series earned her the Best Actress award in Chinese Contemporary Theme TV Series at the 26th Huading Award. Additionally, she participated in the fire-fighting theme film “Heroes of Fire,” which garnered her the Most Popular Supporting Actress Award at the 16th Guangzhou University Student Film Festival.

In 2022, fans can look forward to Yang Zi’s appearances in the TV series “For the rest of my life, please give me your advice” and “Agarwood Like Chips,” both of which are set to be broadcast soon. The following year, she will star in the TV series “Sauvignon Blanc,” which is expected to become a phenomenon-level hit costume drama during the summer season.

As the actress continues to captivate audiences with her exceptional talent, she remains unbothered by the controversies surrounding her appearance. Yang Zi’s ability to embody stunning beauties on screen while addressing the doubts about her own image is a testament to her professionalism and dedication to her craft.

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