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Qinghai launches 2024 consumption promotion activities-People’s Livelihood-China Engineering Network

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Qinghai Province Launches 2024 Consumption Promotion Activities

The Qinghai Provincial People’s Government has officially launched the 2024 consumption promotion activities with the theme “New Year’s Courtesy, Youth and U Benefits”. The launch ceremony took place in Xining on January 31, where the annual consumption promotion activity plan was released. The event saw the simultaneous launch of the car purchase subsidy program “U-Benefit for Young People Who Own a Car” and the New Year shopping special event “U-Benefit for Young People Who Own a Car”.

For the year 2024, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and the Provincial Sports Bureau will focus on various types of consumption. This includes traditional consumption such as retail, department stores, and catering, bulk consumption such as automobiles, home appliances, and home furnishings, and new types of consumption like digital, night, and national trends.

To implement the consumption promotion plan, Qinghai has come up with the “1+4+24+N” strategy. This will include creating a regional public brand “Qingqin Uhui” for consumption promotion, planning four themed consumption seasons, preparing 24 consumption promotion theme activities, and launching various popular and highly participated activities throughout the year.

Qinghai aims to boost digital consumption, green consumption, cultural tourism consumption, sports consumption, and healthy consumption. It also seeks to cultivate new consumption growth points such as “night economy” and “traffic economy”. The province plans to meet the personalized, diversified, and quality consumption needs of its consumers.

To incentivize consumption, Qinghai has allocated 12 million yuan for car purchase subsidies and 4.56 million yuan for the development of the commercial circulation service industry. Eligible consumers in the province can enjoy car purchase subsidies of up to 2,000 yuan and New Year shopping coupons of up to 500 yuan according to the grade standards.

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The 2024 consumption promotion activities aim to drive economic growth through final consumption and create a vibrant and dynamic consumer market in Qinghai.

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