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Sardinia elections, Truzzu ‘sees’ victory. Cautious optimism in the center-right

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Sardinia elections, Truzzu ‘sees’ victory.  Cautious optimism in the center-right

Sardinia elections, latest rumors on the eve of the opening of the polls

Here we are. Voting for the regional elections will take place on Sunday 25 February Sardinia, the first electoral test of 2024 while awaiting the European elections on 8-9 June, a fundamental turning point for the majority and opposition parties. But important indications will already arrive from the island.

Voting takes place on Sunday only, with polls open at 6.30am and closed at 10pm: unlike usual, counting operations to find out the results will begin the next morning, Monday 26 February, from 7am.

Thus the new President and the 60 members of the Regional Council (elected in the 8 constituencies, Cagliari, Carbonia Iglesias, Medio Campidano, Nuoro, Ogliastra, Olbia-Tempio, Oristano and Sassari) will only be able to meet on Monday 26 February 2024, probably in the late morning/early afternoon.

The publication of polls is absolutely prohibited by law even if in recent days numbers have been released, unofficial, somewhat bizarre and not certified by reliable sources. The fact is that the political climate, both in Cagliari and in Rome, is very hot while awaiting the electoral results.

Affaritaliani.it made a round of phone calls to the headquarters of the main candidates and apparently there is a cautious optimism, unlike the fears of a week ago, in the Fratelli d’Italia house which imposed the candidate Paolo Truzzooutgoing mayor of Cagliari supported not only by FdI but also by Lega, Forza Italia, Udc, Sardinian Reformers, Sardinia al Centro 20Venti, Sardinian Action Party, Alleanza Sardegna, Dc Rotondi.

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The closing of the election campaign on Wednesday evening with Giorgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani it galvanized the centre-right by showing a sign of unity and dismissing those rumors of a possible Northern League trip at the polls due to the torpedoing of the outgoing president Christian Solinas. Fratelli d’Italia is confident of being able to win even if not with a plebiscite (for example above 50%) but with a discreet margin of advantage over Alessandra Toddethe M5S candidate also supported by the Pd, Progressisti, Alleanza Verdi Sinistra, Uniti per Alessandra Todde, Sinistra Futura, Psi-Sardi in Europa, Fortza Paris, Orizzonte Comune and Demos.

The candidacy of the former Governor of Sardinia could severely penalize Todde (obligatory conditional). Renato Soru, extremely popular and loved by a segment of Democratic Party voters, supported by various lists: Coalition Sarda, or Action-+Europa-UPC, Italia Viva, Progetto Sardegna, Liberu, Vota Sardigna and Rifondazione Comunista. The fear within the M5S and Pd that Todde – who did not want the closing rally of the electoral campaign together with the national leaders Elly Schlein and Giuseppe Conte – will arrive not far from Truzzu but that due to the presence of Soru the victory, which would be a tough blow for Meloni and the government, fades.

Finally, in the centre-right it seems not to fear the fourth candidate, Lucia Chessa (independent) of Sardigna R-existe, which in some way is from the centre-right area but Fratelli d’Italia sources explain that they are calm and that it will not weigh as much as Soru on the vote in favor of Todde. We will see the ballot on Monday, which Affaritaliani.it will follow step by step, but on the eve of the opening of the polls, the cautious optimism in the Truzzu headquarters and in the centre-right parties – Brothers of Italy in the lead – is all there .

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