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Strike, Sbarra (CISL): “False words from Landini, this divides the workers”

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Strike, Sbarra (CISL): “False words from Landini, this divides the workers”

Battle between trade unionists, Barra of the CISL against Landini of the CGIL

The phrase of the leader of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, ‘the CISL has decided not to strike in the face of the dead’, “more than harsh, it is false, and also dangerous. I’m sorry that Maurizio didn’t deny it.” The general secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, says this in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

“It is false – he continues – because as the secretary of the CGIL should know, in the hours following the Suviana tragedy, the CISL proclaimed a 4-hour national strike in the Enel group, the abstention from work of all private categories in the province of Bologna and a protest in front of the Enel headquarters. But above all that phrase is dangerous, because it turns workers in factories against each other, it creates a heated climate that can explode into violence. Is this how we want to manage this phase? Cohesion is needed, especially on a subject such as safety and deaths at work. We have been mobilized in every territory since February and in this spirit we will launch our proposals today in Rome in an assembly with five thousand delegates and security delegates”.

With Landini “we will definitely talk and see each other. It would be wrong to personalize the matter. I will remind him, in trade union fraternity, that since our foundation, more than seventy years ago, we have always rejected presumed hegemonies on the part of others. Pluralism is also an asset in the world of work. Having said that, it seems to me that united action is alive and well in contractual platforms, in crisis management, in many development policy proposals”, he adds.

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