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The BYD Yuan Plus EV: An Affordable and High-Performance Asian Electric SUV

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The BYD Yuan Plus EV: An Affordable and High-Performance Asian Electric SUV

Title: BYD Introduces Compact SUV Yuan Plus EV as a Highly Accessible and Qualitative Electric Model

Date: July 9, 2023
Time: 10:15 a.m.

BYD, the renowned Chinese electric vehicle brand, continues to impress with its high-quality and high-performance vehicles. Contrary to assumptions, the brand consistently delivers top-tier equipment across all its models, often surpassing its competitors. The newly introduced entry model, the Yuan Plus EV, is no exception and is set to make waves in the electric vehicle market.

The Yuan Plus EV, a compact SUV, boasts an exceptional design and excellent performance. What truly sets it apart is the remarkable quality of its finishes and materials. Featuring an electric motor that develops 204 horsepower and 228 lb-ft of torque, the Yuan Plus EV delivers a sustainable and powerful driving experience.

Equipped with notable features such as 18″ wheels, a panoramic roof, multifunction steering wheel, and leather seats, the model offers a range of luxurious amenities. Other notable features include LED lights, wireless smartphone charging, four USB inputs, automatic climate control, and rear air vents.

Considering its impressive specifications and features, the price of the Yuan Plus EV may seem somewhat high at first glance. However, taking into account its electric nature and the fuel savings it offers, the vehicle proves to be a reasonable and compelling option in the market. In fact, experts at TORK view the Yuan Plus EV as one of the most intriguing choices available.

Currently, BYD is marketing its products in Guadalajara and CDMX, but they have plans for expanded distribution throughout the country. The Yuan Plus EV is currently available in a single version, with a price tag of $799,000 pesos.

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For those eager to get a closer look at the Yuan Plus EV, check out the additional pictures provided.

Source: TORK

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